A Preview of 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

the red is blood and the tan is sand

Oh, man, this could be what I need. This could be just what I need. There’s a 50 Cent Game coming out where he fights terrorists in the Middle East. This is just the thing I need to get my life back in order, to get back on track, I need this. I need this so bad.

I’ve been in a dark place, man, I told Stairmaster I’ve been needing real life NBA Jams. Real life NBA Jams! I thought such a thing could never exist, but when my buddy Jack told me there’s a game where 50 Cent gets stiffed on payment for a concert he played for terrorists and then goes over to the Middle East to get his money right, I thought that could be it. 50 Cent Blood on the Sand could be what we have all been waiting for – 50 Cent Blood on the Sand could be real life NBA Jams.

I had to know more. I needed the scoop. I traced over every inch of evidence there was, drafting desperate theories, like a manic detective searching for clues. I contacted Stairmaster, our resident 50 Cent expert, and asked if he could get a word from the rapper about this upcoming game. What follows may shock you.

[10:46:21 AM] stabmaster: i only spoke to fifty cent once
[10:46:27 AM] stabmaster: he came to be in a dream
[10:46:28 AM] stabmaster: and told me
[10:46:31 AM] stabmaster: “Be ready”

Are we ready? Lace up your boots.

Fellow Zesty writer Pregga, who has already played this February 2009 title, reported that there’s rumored to be two player in this game. Multiplayer functionality could be just what this title needs to become real-life NBA Jams.


the red is blood and the tan is sand
Blood on some Sand


50 Cent: Blood on the Sand comes out whenever I can make it to Gamestop, if they have it, on ps3, for a decent price. Maybe I’ll go to that other place instead.



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