I will pause this game forever

Alien Isolation? More like Alien Big Piece of Shit! No wait… Alien IsoGAYtion! There we go

alien isolation is about the isolation a lesbian feels in a CIS hetero male space world

she spends the whole game looking for her sexy lesbian mom, Sigourney Weaver, for some reverse gay version of that Oedipal business

everything is fine until the alien shows up, by which I mean twice every god damn minute

I’m playing on easy, I only get like one pipe bomb every two hours, what the hell is the point of hitting the alien with a pipe bomb and making it run away if it just comes back and makes a beeline for me 15 seconds later

i thought you hated fire asshole

when you get the flamethrower it’s case fucking closed for the alien, right until you run out of ammo or give it a chance to get within 20 feet of you, wherein it immediately performs one of it’s strangely erotic instant kill animations

this bull dyke can shake off bullets to the face but god forbid the male power fantasy xenomorph gets his big strong man arms on her

I get the impression this game was designed by MEN to simulate the REPEATED DEATH of a WOMAN by the hands of a giant dick monster symbolizing male dominance

except you are the woman so maybe it was designed by transvestites


anyway goty 10/10


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