Jet Kings



Anything written here isn’t set in stone and nobody is limited to just one character if they’d like to do more or have ideas for possible additional characters.

Geogwe – An American pilot that loves the Dreamcast (it’s 1999), keeps a guitar in his cockpit and has a radio show-style soundboard built into his comm system.
Srol – Encouraging post-mission guy who debriefs the player’s squadron.
Box – I don’t know, Box and Srol seem like they’d make a great pair.
Kio – I heard from a reliable source that his Middle Eastern accent is very offensive.
Swanson – He has expressed interest in both Bill Clinton and Saddam Hussein, and I do not doubt his powers. Will voice Mama Bear as well.
Stairmaster – An enigmatic allied pilot of great skill that uses a voice modulator to hide his true identity. His voice modulator breaks and it turns out to be Rustyspoons, at which point everyone is no longer impressed by his abilities.
My Wife – She’s always doing obnoxious accents.



May just have four American pilots, and they would show up in every level. This would focus the scale of the cast as well as adding more consistency between levels a la Star Fox.

The game would be around a dozen levels long, best case scenario. Each level would last around 5-15 minutes, with thought given to adding gameplay and character/dialogue variety between levels.



Level 1 – All of the rival Turkish pilots (see character list below) appear in this level to defend Turkey from Saddam. The player plays as the rival leader. A mysterious electronic weapon is used against them to defeat them at the end of the level, hinting at STALLIN’s later appearance.

Level 2 – ??? Collect more stars to unlock this level.



The gender/nationality/quantity of characters depends on availability of voice actors.

US Pilots “King Squadron”

The pilots with names that make up King Squadron. They will rarely all appear in a mission together.

OF6 Vance “Mama Bear” Killsby (Swanson) – A British pilot and veteran with a fatherly nature that undermines his skill and determination, he has been chosen to lead King Squadron. He dies.

OF1 Chet “Thunder” Thunder (M) – A brash, American pilot whose skills have yet to be tested on the battlefield. Hand-picked by Commodore Killsby for his excellent flying skills and “endearing cockiness.” Lives by his motto, ABHSO: Always Be Having Sunglasses On.

OF2 Ashley “Babyface” Nelson (F) – A top-secret project by the CIA, Ashley is a genetically engineered super-baby capable of flying a plane one thousand times better than any normal baby. Her charm wins the hearts of friend and foe alike.

OF1 Donna “The Hammer” Horner (F) – A mother of three from the heartland of America, she joined the air force as soon as she discovered America was going to be taken over by “those people”. Often has her foot in her mouth, but has nonetheless proven to be an adept pilot.

Allied Pilots

OF3 Jin “Lowrider” Gen (M) – A Japanese pilot tasked to King Squadron for his cybernetic enhancements. Easily confused in most situations, but an elite hacker who can use his DataWave CyberMind (patent pending) to fly and hack at the same time.

Turkish Pilots “Wolf Squadron”

The pilots that make up the rival team. They appear for boss fights throughout the game before being fought all at the same time for their climactic final encounter, after which they switch sides.

Uzay Okay (M) – The commander of the Wolf Squadron, a laid-back but dependable leader that prioritizes the safety of his pilots over all else.

OF4 Cagla Bereket (M) – A skilled pilot torn between his duty to his nation and his duty to its people. With Turkey conquered, his loyalties lie with Saddam, but he wonders if he can remain faithful to the man who destroyed his home. Defers to his squadron on most issues.

OF4 Sohret Sari (M) – A dangerous pilot of few words, Sohret urges Cagla to remain loyal to his government.

OF2 Pak Arat (M) – An anxious and erratic pilot that likes to complete missions as quickly as possible.

OF3 Utku Ali (F) – With flying skills that threaten to rival Cagla’s, Utku ensures Cagla makes the right decisions when he doesn’t know what to do.


President Bill Clinton (Swanson) – The endearing Commander in Chief of the United States’ leadership is put to the test when his nation faces annihilation. With the aid of the United Nations, he has formed a multinational elite squadron to end Saddam’s reign of terror once and for all. May possess yet unbeknownst pilot skills of his own.

President Saddam Hussein (Swanson) – The diabolical leader of the newly-formed, Iraq-led Middle Eastern Alliance. This madman’s sudden rise to power has caught the free world off guard.

Unknown Entities

S.T.A.L.L.I.N. – “Sybernetic Totally Artificial Language and Linguistics Interpreter Designed to Sound Like Joseph Stalin.” A computer designed by the USSR to convince its people over the radio that their glorious leader was still alive after his death in 1953, STALLIN was decommissioned before hitting the air due to sounding like “too much of an asshole, even for Stalin.” Saddam Hussein currently possesses this machine, and it may be the key to unlocking his source of power.

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