Shadow Infenety – Volume 3

— I The Peaceful Days and Years —

Some years happend and Shadow was living a nice new life in his new home with Cream Rabbit. Shadow had got a job as a police cop officer protecting the city. He was well respect in the police force and he shot a lot of criminels. The best guns shooter and strongest cop ever found and a best detective solving each crime. 100% of all crimes are solved in the city now that Shadow is there. The ultimate life form and ultimate cop as well also. He had a apartment in the city with nice stuff including a 250 inch flat screened TV.  The apartment had blue floors and the walls was painted white. There was pictures and things and lamps also. Cream was his wife who is 18 years old she stay at home cook dinner for Shadow which was good and made him smile and eat dinner.

Shadow got home from a hard days work arresting and shooting people and making the city a safer place and was a hero so he was sweaty and he whiped the sweat off with a white towel when he got home. He taked his cop hat off and put it on the hat thing and Cream said “Well come home dear” and they made a kiss happen. “Was a good day” Shadow said. “Wheres my dinner?” he asked and Cream gave him his dinner which he ate.

The doorbell runged and Shadow opened door. Was Mighty in his wheelchair since he broke his legs and cant walk. “Shadow this is realy bad” Mighty told to Shadow and he turned the TV on and on the news they were talking bad about Shadow.

“Shadow he’s he’s a no good bad person” a man on TV said about Shadow. Shadow seen this and he looked a it and got angrey. “Whos saying this about me? I done nothing bad I’m a goodguy now.”

Another man on the news came and said “Shadows not a hero actually he is real bad. Lazy badcop just eat donut sleeps on the job” Shadow kept watching for some minutes and so much lies were made on there and it was fake news not true. Shadow swas making fists with both his hands and looking angry and he punched the TV and it broke into a millon pieces. “Get out of my home Mighty” Shadow told to Mighty and Mighty went away.

The red phone ranged four times and Shadow looked at it. He made a face and that was not a smile and he picked it up. IT was the police chief.

“Your fired Shadow. I seen the news you make me sick Shadow” the chief told Shadow. Shadow crunched the phone broke it.

“What happen Shadow?” Cream asked Shadow but Shadow was to angrey to response. “I have to learn whos behind this” Shadow got his gun and shooted the window open and jumped and flipped out the window and went to go start looking for who done this.

A man in a dark black room so you cant see him sat there and looked at the TV and got a smile and said “My plans working” and he smoked a cigar pipe and put out the ash on a picture of Shadow who he doesnt like.

— II Searching For The Truth Justice —

Shadow went to the Sapphire Hills zone where the grass is blue istead of Green and this is Sonics place to run and be fast. Shadow seen Sonic running there and jumping and doing moves and things. Shadow grabbed Sonic by his neck and slamd him in the ground and yelled at him.

“Sonic I know you done this now talk” Shadow said at Sonic with angryness

Sonic looked a Shadow and said c”I dont know what your talking about Shadow I’m just having a mind my own busness day here Shadow”

Shadow put his gun in Soncis face and loaded the gun and took the safety off the gun and cocked the gun and put it in Soncis face. “I’m not going to ask you more times than one time Sonic. I know your jealious of me being the best cop now why you done this”

Sonic started creying and said “Its true Shadow I’m jealious of you but I havent done anything to you. I dont even watch the news I dont know what your talking about”

Shadow looked at sonics eyes and saw his feelings and knew he was telling the truth. “But your a hater so you probley know who other haters are Sonic” Shadow said still pushing the gun in Sonics face roughly.

“Your right Shadow” Sonic said and looked at the sky. “Theres a Shadow haters club for people jealious of Shadow” Sonic told him. “The person who done bad stuff probley is in the club” and Shadow got a list out of Sonics pocket that had the members of the club. Shadow threw Sonic down really hard by his neck and smashed him really bad into the groudn and hurt him really bad.

Shadow looked a the list and looked forI names on it. Shadow founded a name on the list that made him heart skipped a beat. Mighty was on the list of hater’s. Infact he was the leader. Shadow betrayed by his second best friend Mighty. Other people in the list were peole Shadow did not know mostly and Shadow put the list away and went to go cofront Mighty.

Some minutes later Shadow kicked door down  to Mightys aparment and looked in side. Mighty was there in his wheelchair watchin TV the news a man on TV talk about how Shadow didnt help himand instead stole his stuff which isnt true. Mighty was in a apartment top floor of tall building Shadow grabbed Mightys wheelchair and pushed him and took hom out on a ledge and acted like was going to drop Mighty over the side.

“Mighty I know what you done I know your behind this” he said to Mighty.

“What no Shadow I done nothing” and Shadow hsowed him the hater list with Mightys name circiled in red and Mighty looked scared.

“Shadow I can explain” and Shadow got a smile and almost dropped wheelchair over side. “Go ahead explain Mighty that can be your last words”

“I only joined and became leader of hater’s club so I could keep a eye on them Im yourfriend Shadow” Mighty told Shadow.

“Dont lie me Mighty” Shadow said and he threw wheelchair over side. Mighty started falling. “Im telling the truth Shadow dont kill me please I sware” and Shadow seen he was telling truth and us chaos control to bring him back to top the ledge and he looked a Mighty. “So do you known who doen this?” Shadow asked Mighty.

Mighty looked a Shadow. “No person in the club made this plan I know”

“DAMMIT” Shadow yelled and he went inside and kicked a table and smashed it thru a wall. “A deadend. How I will solve this and figure out who has done this?”

Shadow got thinking and he left Mightys place and was jumping around the city looking at things and thinking about things and planning a plan to learn who done this. He started thinking about who his enemys are. He knew Darky couldnt of done it since he is dead. Than Shadow rememberd. He went to Angele Island and jumped and staned on the Master Emrald. Knuckles looked a Shadow and looked a the Master Emerald and siad “Shadow what are you doing here get off there” Shadow put a gun to the Master Emrald and said “Knuckles  your going to tell me everything you know”

“Or else what” And Shadow Shot a piece of the amster emerald off. “I’ll shoot this and destroy it and youll have to go on a whole aventure to find the pieces like in sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2” and Knuckles looked mad.

“Shadow your a ashole for killing me after I trained you” Knuckles told Shadow. “Not friends now Shadow you are garbage” he also said.

Shadow punched Knukles and Knuckles fell down the stairs of the master emerald shrine and broke a lot of bones and was in blood. Shadow went to Knuckles “Im a good guy now thats in the past your back alive thanks to me. Now tell me who done the lies about me?”

Knuckles made a fist and showed it to Shadow. “I will never tell you nothing Shadow” and Shadow kicked the fist and broke it and got really mad and started hyelling. “KNUCKLES TELL ME NOW”

Knuckles made a smile and said “I know only a little bit of information.” Some Blood came out of his mouth and he told Shadow some more things “You have a lot of History with person who done this and he is not a goodguy and he talked to me and asked me t o be his team up guy but I am protecting the master emrald so I couldnt. This is plan to ruin your life.”

“Whos behind this?” Shadow asked Knuckles but Knuckles died. Shadow shaked Knuckles “NO! Dont die!” and but it was too late. “I didnt mean to killed Knuckles why he was so easy to kill? Who made Knuckles weak like this? Only more questions are created.”

Shadow standed up and thought about this and thought about what Knuckles told him and thouht about what Knuckle said. “Some one with history… a badguy….” Shadow got a idea. “Dr Robotnik Egg man must be responssible” and he went to go to Eggmans base.

—III The Eggmen Coflict —

Shadow got to Dr Robonik’s base with chaos warper and looked at it. It was a building with things. It has Eggman logo on it which is Eggmans face smile. There was robots there and they looked a Shadow and Shadow waleked past them and saw the big door to Dr. Eggmans base and opened it and went in.

“Been waiting for you Shadow” Eggman said to Shadow and looked at Shadow with his eyes and his eyebrows. He smiled like Eggman and was in his robo chair and floated around and was looking some more at Shadow.

“Fat    man stop smiling” Shadow told Eggmen and he showed him he had a gun holsterded on his side and he didnt stop smileing which made him mad.

“I seen you on the news Shadow.” Eggman said “Ohohohho”  he was laugheing.

Shadow got mad and got out his gun and said “WHY YOU DONE THIS”

But Robonik said “I did not do it. Was another peraon.” Shadow jumped and kicked Robonik off his chair and he landed on the ground floor and was hurt. Shadow shot his computer which exploded really big and then Shadow put the gun in front of Eggman and ws ready to shoot him.

“I sware Shadow” Eggmen told Shadow. Shadow took of Eggmans gogles and broke them. “This what I will do to your bones Robonik unless you start talking” Then Shadow took Eggmans arm and broke it and Eggman yelled with the pain.

“Im nothing to do with this Shadow” Eggman told Shadow. “You are something to do with this Eggman” Shadow told Eggman. “I learnt it you are I am smart learner” and Robotnik turned on the TV and it was the news and a man was lying about Shadow some more.

“Look a that man Sahdow” Eggmen said. Shadow looked real closely andn oticed it was a robot. “Androits?” Shadow said looking.

“Thats right Shadow. And uses Robonik tecnology stolen” he said standing and looking at Shadow. “I dont know who builded these robots. They are special made for to trick people and get on the news and lie on the news. Whoever have made these robots doesnt like you and made a lot of, plans to get oyu in trouble and ruin your reputiation as a, cop officer this plan goes, deep Shadow there is somebody real bad trying to get you and I, dont know who it is but he knows his robos, almost imposible to tell what are the robot which is the persn but if oyu look real carefule, you can see it.” Shadow said “Got more informations Eggmen?” and Egg man smiled and looked at Shadow “I got a phoncall from the badguy”

Shadow was shoked and he fell to his knees and looked a his hands. “How this posible this a smart man? He contagded Eggman to? Who this person? What strange thing is it?”

Eggman lit his cigar pipe and blew some smoke on Shadow. Shadow saw the cigar pipe and got suspisous of Eggmen and started figuring out there was a trick there. “Waht the cigar pipe Eggmen i didnt know  you had that”

Robotnik blew some smoke that was shaped like eggman logo in Shadows face “these are very popullar every man got one now” and Shadow thouht about ti and said “Not true you are the one respondible” and he went to punch Eggman and Robnik said “Almos but wrong” and Shadows fist stopped and he gave Eggmen 10 seconds to exlain himself.

“The badguy called me and he didnt say who he was but I gave him idea of the plan to get you becaus the threataned me and said he would have his robots get me and take my face and my arms off and use a robo hook to get me and kill me.” Robonik said. “He Thold me that I must smoke this cigar pipe also.”

“Why he done this?”

“I dont know Shadow go home buddy” and that made Shadow mad and he got his gun and shooted Eggman three times and made him fall down in blood. “Dont hurt me some more” Egman asked Shadow sadly beggingly. He painly took another smoke from his cigar pipe but Sahdow stomped on it. Shadow threw Eggmen in a cage and started lookin for clues. He got his magniffying glass out and started looking at things.

He found a screw that was black.  “Very strange this is a clue” and he went back to Eggman who was bloody and almost dead. “Whats this” and Eggmen looked a it.  “Dark Screw its for buildin androits. Very rare Shadow only found in specile factory” Shadow left and let Egman die in cage now that he knows the next hint to continue finding the man respondible for what happened.

“I just know just the person who will know about this hes a mechanical nerd boy” and he took a picture of Tails out and looked a it.

— IIII The Cowoperation of Tails —

Shadow had to search for some hours for Tails and he had to show the picture to people to get hints to where Tails is. Finally he got to Tails work   shop in Mistic Ruins and he wen there and Espio was there and Espio got looking at Shadow with ninja eyes.

“What you doing here Shadow?” Espio talked.

“None your busness Espio why you being this rude?” Shadow said opening door t o the work shop. Espio said “hmph” rudely and Shadow ignord. Tails was inside Shadow looked at Tails and smiled nicely like a friend. “Hello Tails I need yourhelp”

“I will not help you Shadow. Sonics my friend and you got him in the hospital.” Tails said back at Shadow rudly and meanly.

“Well he shouldnt of been a hater” Shadow said to Tails. “Sonics was a hater he got beat up for that. You know its right.”

Tails knew it was right but he did not change his atitude. Tails started wrenching a thing and building some plane thing. Shadow sweeped his arm across Tails work mechanic builder table and put all the pieces on the floor and he picked up a gadgit and smashed it and threwn it at a wall breaking it.

“My methods are needed Tails. The city got real safe thanks to me. Sonic got what he had got had coming to him Tails. Hes lucky I didnt kil his pathetic ass. I could have but a bulet right into his brain skull.” Shadow said looking at Tails. “Im ready to kill a few people unlike cowards like Sonic who kill nobodey. Sonic never killed one man this is why theres so much crime in town. Station Square more like Criminel Square so full crime. Sonic just run around play games being a hater worth less. Sometimes he stop Robonik Egg man but Bad guys still get away with all the crime Sonics just trash. Im needed Tails Sonic deserved what got happened to him. Sonic dident even become a cop and now he jealious of me and my suckess?”

Some tears dripped out if Tails eyes looking at Shadow. “Sonics my hero”

“Wrong hero Tails” Shadow said looking at Tails. Shadow stil lwearing his badge he showed it and it shined.

“What do you need Shadow” Tails said to Shadow. This made Shadow get a smile. Shadow got out the black screw and gived it to Tails. “You know about this tell me about this.”

Tails said “This is for building androits. I have a map where they are made from.” and he got the map. Shadow taked it and stared leaving.

“Not so quickly Shadow” Espio said to Shadow. “You said some real garbage to Tails this day. Not friendly, Shadow” he said.

Shadow was not caring about this and keeped walking. “Dont talk of what you dont understand Espio. Tell Sonic hes a ass hole for me when you vissit him in the hospital”

Espeio did ninja move and taked the map out Shadows hand and flipped and went away. Shadow saw this and looked at his empty hand and looked and seen Espio had it. “Shadow you dident earn our help you made Tails cry it’s time you learnt a lesson”. Espio got ready to throw it far away and  that made shadow get really mad and he chaos warpered and kicked Espio and knocked him down bloody and he got out his gun and put it to Espios head.

Tails came out and said “Shadow dont” and Shadow said “Give me a good reason Tails.”

“Espio is my best friend Shadow. He helps me and cares me. He deosnt know about why Sonics trash. Your my hero now Shadow please dont kill Espio.”

“Sorry Tails.” Shadow said. “Sometimes part of being a hero is learning when a person must be killed. Espio is not trustable. He tryed to take the map and ruin my plan. This is Serious and I cant have betrayers around. If I let him live he might make a new plan to get me messed up.”

“Pull the triger Shadow” Espio said angerly. And he did and Espio died. “Tails I hope you learn a lesson today” Shadow said. Tails nodded “I learn a lot today” and but he was cryeing though he knew Shadow done what was right. Shadow went walking and looking at he map and learning where he needs to go to find the factory and get the next part of learning who bad guy is making the androits get on the news and make lies about Shadow and ruin Shadows reputiation.

Tails watche Shadow leave and thought about what happen and went to go train and be more like Shadow.

— V Factory What Had Made Androits —

Shadow got in his motorcycel and started driving speedly and going and ramping off things like rocks and ramps and things and going and doing tricks to go faster. He used chaos warper to speed it up and go turbospeed which is faster then any man can see and leavs dust ash over all the spots the wheeles touch since its so fast it burns it all up. Shadow put on his songlasses to block his eyes from the winds from all the speeding.

While h driving he thought about that had what happend to him and he got mad and wanted to know who was doing this and building androits. “Who I have history with?” Shadow said. He tryed thnk about it but he just couldent remember. “My life is a lot of years a lot of things I did so much stuff had happen.”

But there was trap and shadow had to jump off his mororcoycle and it got into the trap and explode in fire and Shadow was really upset and he was in the trees place and there was trees and it was dark since its night time nad Shadow looked and couldnt see anybody and got his gun ready and was looking and trying to see who made a trap for Shadow.

Shadow seen some teeths reflecting in tjhe moon light and he shot his gun at it and it hit soemthing and he heard some blood. Shadow got his flshlaight and shined it there and he seen Vector dead on the ground it was his teeths he seen. “Dumb crodocile trying to trick me” Shadow said. “Angrey I killed Espio? Should of known stupid chaotix would try this.” and then he went walking but there was antother trap and a net fell in Shadow and got him and he was shocked. “What impossible. Vectors dead” and he seen Charmy bee walk out and look mad at Shadow and he got his stinger out and pointed it at Shadow madly.

“Charmly retard” Shadow said. “Get me off this net if you want to live for some more years”

Charmy did not listen to this like a jerk. “I seen what they said on the news its all true. Also you have killed my friends Espio and Vestor.” Suddanly Charmy got a phonecall and he answer it and talk to person.

“Mighty? What you want?” Charmy said to Mighty on the phone who was the person calling Mighty.

Mighty at his aparment talked Charmy. “Listen Charmy. Shadows a goodguy. Things on the news are not true and Espio needed to be killed he is not trusted. Shadows searching the man who done these lies at him”

Charmy is not a listender and he didnt listen. “Mighty stay out my busness you betrayer. This man will be killed this day.” Mighty went fast and got Shadow right in the heart with his stinger.

Shadow was shocked and he looked at the stinger stabbed right in his heart and saw the blood. Shadow punched Charmy in hlaf and killed him instantly into a big mess of blood. Shadow pulled the stinger out and looked and started getting blury and he was dying. “Why this has to happen? Why so much killing why cant I live my life normal? I just wnat nobody to get killed and me not to get hurt and killed and just be living my happy life.” Shadow fell and he was in blood and almost dead and then he used chaos warper to turn his heart back in time to where it wasnt poked and he was alive but still bloody and thrashed. Shadow went and moved his legs and put his feet on the ground and bended his legs and lifted his body of the ground with his legs and unbended his knees and went and got his body up and now he was standing.

Shadow went walking for some minutes and he was very close to the factory. “The next peace of the puzzel almost found” Shadow said looking at the map. “Vectore and Charmy was guarding the factory what a coupel of jerks.

Shadow seen the factory was big. Some men jumped out of the windows and they were watching Shadow and they had guns. They were evil men not here to be friendly.

“Go out of here Shadow” they said  at him. Shadow punched one of the men and broke half his cones. “I;ll break the otherhalf if y ou mess with me” Shadow told me but they dident listen. They started shooting Shadow and he had to dodge those and start killing the evil men. Shadow kicked the head off a evil man who was wearing black goggles and had a helmet on and had grey hair and now was dead. The other evil men looked at eachother and then looked back at Shadow and started shooting some more and Shadow used chaos warper and killed all of them.

“They dont want me in here I wonder why and Shadow opened the front door to the fadtory and went in.” Shadow said and went into the factory.

Was completely empty inside Shadow was shocked. His eyes got really big and sad and upset. “STUPID Vector and Charmy must of warned them I was coming so they cleared out this place. I should of killed them rightafter I killed Espio. Should of known they would do this.”

He got on the ground started weeping. But even worst it was a trap the factory was actual a trap. Not only did Shadow not learm the factorys secret but also was a trap to get Shadow dead. The light’s turned on and some doors opened and suddanly a bunch of men with sheilds and spears and helmets with red on them like red thing and some armors and they were ready to get Shadow dead. The factory trensformed into a gladoirs coloseim and there was hundreads of gladators.

Shadow was ready to fight them but on platform above another light turned on and a big man was at the top of it and he looked at Shadow. The man was also a gladator and had armors that was golden and shinny and he had a helmet that cover his eyes and his eyes were shining golden and black one of each color and he had a big giant spear with a gun on it and a rocket jetpack with guns on it and knifes all over his legs for throwing. He was also wearing a business suit since he also is a business guy. “Welcome to my fight facctory Shadow” he siad “I am 400 the ultimate fighterguy”.

400 lighted a cigar pipe and started smoking it.

“Cigar pipe??? Your the one behind this?” Shadow yelled a him. But he dident answe r and he just told the gladoiters to start attacking Shadow.

Shadow killed every single one of the gladiters and he only got stabbed a few times and lickly he had bandadges to put on his cuts and he founded out they were androits because he noticed they had no blood and full of wires and things.

Shadow jumped and went to the plafform where 400 was and he looked at him. “Killed all your men what do you thing of that” Shadow said. “Now tell me your plan”

“Youll have to fight me first” and Shadow went to punch him and but he swinged his spear gun and it was like a machine gun and shot the bullets everywhere while swingging and it was hard to dodge but Shadow did anyway and the went togo punch but 400 threw a bunch knifes at Shadow which he had to dodge.

“This man has a lot of things to get my hurt” Shadow said looking and noticing a bullet got him in the leg. Shadow used chaos warper and went to above 400 really quick and he used his leg to try to kick him and but he used his rocket jetpack with guns to fly and also shoot at the same time and he shot Shadow with like a shotgun and got him full of bullet and then he got him with the spear and shot him a lot of times and got him really bad and he was really bloody and he fell all the way like over 10000 feet to the ground the platform was up really high obviously.

Shadow landed really hard on ground and was almost dead and 400 put his foot on Shadows head and was almost going to stomp it but Shadow did roller move and jumped and flipped and twisted and  got out his gun and shot and the momenteum from the spin sped the bullet and spunned the bullet and it spunned through 400s chest and got him and he fell and was almost dead.

Shadow put the gun to his head. “Now give me infeormation”

“Im nothing to do with the lying androits on the news Shadow” 400 said. “This factory abandined and I found this cigar pipe here so I stared smoking it Im not the actual bad guy” Shadow was shocked and looked. He saw spiderwebs and dust and dirt and seen the factory was abdandonded it was truth. “I tookeover the factory I only have one hint about the old owner or whoever was here in past” and he took out a paper which was bloody from his blood since was bleeding so Shadow couldent even read it all. It say “Factory Owned by” and the part whre it said the name on it was covered in blood Shadow couldnt read it and but it also said “Theres a secret base where androits go to get fixd and to sleep at night” and Shadow got a idea. “If I can find the secret base where the androits go i can find the badguys base. I just need find a TV fake androit follow it to the base when it go home at night. Im glad I learned this base exist” and 400 agreed and Shadow shot 400 in the head to finish him off.

Shadow go went back to the city to start looking for more hints and clues.

— IV The Newws Investigiation —

Shadow got back at his apartment and got home and collapsed at the front door and Cream had to put him in the bed for sleep time. He woke up a lot of hours later and Cream was angry at Shadow.

“You made me worry and now your hurt Shadow. Forget this news stuff just worry about me only.”

“Sellfish Cream Rabbit” Shadow told her. “I done so much for this city and I get nothing for it. This is imported to me. I love you medium but I love being a hero maximum. I am needed in this world I have to fix this. I am sorry for worry you but thats not what I actual care about I need to get this solved. It also is maybe dangerous I dobt know what the bad guy plans after finishes the lies. Need to stop him before he mabye kills me?”

“I understand Shadow” Cream said at Shadow. “Then lets be team up guys I am strong now I have Cheese Chao also strong” and Cheese made a fist and showed it and Shadow saw it and knew it was strong but not strong enough.

“No you stay at home careful very careful. I dont want you getting killed listen to me be careful. Now I will rest for some more minutes to get full power and then I will find out about the androits on TV getting this happening.”

Shadow turned on TV and started looking. He seen news man named Dingo Blizard who is a man on TV wearing a suit and saying nontrue things about Shadow.

“This day Shadow killed Chaotix for no reason. Not a reason at all for this he just kill them.” and it showed the funeral of Espio Vector Charmy and Tails and Mighty were there and Mighty in his wheel chair and they crying.

Dingo Blizard put microphone infront of Mightys face and said “What you have to say about this?” and Mighty answer but a fake voice on top him which was a robotical almost same copy of Mightys actual voice but difrent and not exact the same said. “Shadow did this no reason not justified. Worse cop worse man. Get him in jail?” and Shadow seen this and noticed was fake. Dingo Blizard smiled evil at the camera for 1 second and went back to being serius “Who will stop this moster?”

Shadow was mad and he got his gun. “Dingo Blizard thats the androit I will hunt and follow and learn of.” and he went to go find him and he found him.

He was walking in the street in his suit walking and going and getting somewhere and Shadow jumped off a building and landed infront of him. Dingo Blizard looked a him and Shadow looked back.

“Come to kill me Shadow? Innocent news man Dingo Blizard?” Dingo  Blizard ask him and smiled and laughed. “Kill me and it will be all over news Shadow killing news men. Dont even try it. Theres cameras every where around me always watching”

Shadow got a smile. “No friend. I need to lean who your boss is.” Shadow showed him his gun and got a even bigger smile.

“My boss I work for news compny” Blizard told him and Shadow shot him in the arm and oil shooted out and sparks also. “MY arm!” Dingo  Blizard said. “I wont tell you nothing” and he started running and he got in a taxi and the taxi stared driving really fast and going through redlights and going crazy.

Shadow got on his new motorcycle which he bought when he was looking for Dingo Blizard which was a long search that took 10000 hours and he went fast with chaos warper but was following the taxi. “He will take me right to the base to get his arm fixed since I shot it.” and he was right and they got to the base and Blizard got out the taxi and his arm turned into a laser gun cannon and blew up the taxi instead of paying it. Shadow watched this and was mad. He jumped out off his motororle and shot Dingo Blizard to revenge the taxi driver and he explode into miillion pieces.

Shadow turned and moved his feet and looked and turned and saw the base and it was huge and looked like a giant robo castle with gears and antenas and satelites and hooks and wires and cell phone tower and electric coilers and phone cables and electric wires and energy pipes which are pipes that have energy in them and they are blue.

The base was on a secret island of the coast of Westopolis which is the city Shadow was in and Shadow looked at the base and seen something that made him look really sad and shocked and upset. There was a giant painting of Maria at the front of the base and a giant tear dripped out of Shadows eye and said “Maria…..” and he had flash back to the time on the space colony ark when those men shot her. “The bad guy knows Maria? He reall is apart of of my past” Shadow said and he got ready to go in and kill him.

— IIV The Robot Fight Beggins —

Shadow had to find the pass word  to open the door becaus there was a key pad on the front of the base which will need a pass word. “Damm it” Shadow said to the door.  “Wheres the pass word? More problems. I have to use my brains in this one to get this one solved.” Shadow thought in his mind not saying this.

A window above broke open and Mettal Sonic jumped out and got flying around with his jet engine that is also his body and flew and went in circels around Shadow and got fast. “Metla Sonic???” Shadow yeled. “Thats a Robnontik Robot” and Metal Sonic stared punching shadow and getting him and Shadow had to start running while also punching Meta Sonic back. Shadow got him right in the head with a punch but Matle Sonil got Shadow back with a kick and got him in his head and got him gotted. Shadow fell and looked and said “Hes been upgrated I never seen a robot this strong” and Metal Sonic stared Talking AT SHADOW in robot voice. “That right Shadow beep. I been upgrated” and he tookout a gun and waved it to Shandow. “Can USE gun now” and he fired the gun roboticly and Shadow shot his gun back and the bullets hit eachother exactly and Shadow smiled and standed and went and chaos warpered and then Metal Sonic activaded his new tecknieqe which is metal warper and went like lightningish and wires and 010101010’s and gotabove Shadow and shot him and got him in the bodyand some blood went out of Shadow and Shadow was supprised.

“Thats right I got a warper move” Metall Sonic said to Shadow.  “Shadow let me teach you somes stuff beep bop. There are multible kinds of warper. Five kind and also maybe more as well also. There is your move chaos warper which is chaotical and fast. Power warper learn by MGHTY very strong too bad hes in a wheel chair. Metal warper which is Cyber and myboss inventid it. Speed warper not yet learn by a man yet probly? Final there is death warper very deadly” and Medal Sonic used metal warper again and got to the gront of Shadow and moved his arm like really fast and robotly and put the gun right next to Shadows neck and pulled gun hand triggers  to shoot and but in slowmotion Shadow used chaos warper and grabbed gun and moved it so he didnt get shot but he got shot and but only a little and then the bullet cut his neck some and Metol Sonic was confusioned said like robot “Do not compute” and Shadow got a smile. “Nice warper buit mines better” and Shadow used chaos warper and was almost going o get Metal Sonil but then he smelled a familior smell which is the smell of a cigar pipe being smoked.

Shasdow looked and seen the smoker which was Dr. Bonontik Eggman. Eggmen now had a big robo macine in his body which is becuase Shadow shot him in the body and now he neds it to live and also to help him smoke as well since now he has no lungs and the machin sucks the smoke in. Robonik smiled at Shadow like with his teeth out and he talked some “Shadow you should of got me dead in the head not in the body now I live and I got some more robo tricks to get you killed”

“Whats the pass word for inside” and Eggman said “You won’t learn this” and then Metal Sonix went and used metal warper and got Shadow and started punching thousands of times and Shadow had to keep blocking those and going back and looking around and he saw something bad.

Sonic was there and he walked and looked at Shadow. “Well look at what we got here” Sonic said smiling. “Looks like your in trouble huh? What do you say Egg Head lets be team up guys” and Eggman smiled and said “Enemy or my enemy is a friend since the enemy will team up with me to kill my enemy” and that made Sonic get a big smile and wave his finger like he beat the level at the end of a level in Sonic 3&Knuckles.

“Dont do this Sonic. Youcan see Ive done nothing wrong and theres bad guys here.”

Sonic cracked his knuckle’s and standed next to Metal Sonic and they standed there and there was lightning and now it was raining and night time and Metal Snics eyes were red and shining loke a flash light and it was both Sonic and Metel Sonic both teamed up ready to fight and double teamer Shadow.

“I don’t like fighting double guys Sonic. Fight me like a man not this way. Wait some minutes for me to kill this robot.”

Sonic said back to Shadow “Sorry pal but not gonna happen. I will fight like a coward baby becaus I want you dead. Then something really bad happened And Sonic had the chaos emeralds and turned into Super Sonic!!!!!!

“How does it feel’s Shadow?” Eggman asked to Shadow. Super Sonic and Metal Sonic both went at Shadow and were starting to punch him really fast and Shadow had to move and turn and get blocking and dodgind and therre was a lot of punches happening and but he couldnt punch back they was too fast and he couldnt get his gun out because it was too fast and Super Sonic used his special move which is he punche Shadow in the ribs breaking them all and causing pain and Shadow said “agh” but then something awesome happened and Cream rabbit jumped out heroicly and punched Super Sonic with Cheese also helping with also a punch in the face and got him and smashed him really hard and she looked at Shadow and got a smile and give thumbup.

“I knew would be trouble” Cream said and she got out here gun and shot Sonic in the head which killed him but by suprise Metel Sonic used metal warper started punching Cream a lot and getting her ad Shadow had to watch this and was really shocked and looking ant Metal Sonic got his gun and then added powder to it and shot it like laser gun and it was giant huge laser bigger than the size of a giant street bus and blew Cream to dust ash which means she died.

Shadow yelled “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” and was in tears and really mad and he got his gun and shot Metal Sonic which made him esplode and he pistole wipped Eggmans head nad killed him and he got on the ground and it was raining again and rain got on Shadow nad he was crying and really sad “I loved her she was favorite now shes dead why dident she listen to me stay home I could of handled it” and he was crying so much tears you could see it even though it raining really hard and some lightning happened dramaticlyand Shadow was really sad and he said “and I promiced Creams mom Vanilla that I would keep here safe and I even became cop to protect city this everything was all for her now its all wasted theres no point to live” and he got his phone and had a make a phonecall.

Vanilla Rabbit answered phone “Yes Shadow?” and Shadow sadly said “Im sorry Cream died we were in a fight and she got kill” and Vanilla was sad and a long tear went down here face and then she said “Im very sad my doughter is dead. Thats really bad”

Shadow had more tears and he said “I hope you will forgive me I told her stay at home” and Vanila said “I forgive you and also Shadow I love you I dident want to get betwen you but I am inlove with you a lot since your really cool and strong” and Shadow got a idea. “I also love you also and we can get married now” and they agreed but Shadow was still sad and he hung off the phone but now he wasnt sad enough to cry and now he was ready to get some vengence.

Shadow went over to Eggmen and found the password and was ready to go in the base.

As Shadow opened the door a bright lite showned and he got to remembeering the memories of the past and thought about those and he had antother flashback to the space colony ark and he seen Maria and a calendiar and it was the day Maria died the aniversary today and Shadow watched her get shot and he got on his knees and cried and he had more memores happen and he got thinking about them.

“That right Shadow” a man said in front of Shadow standing in the light that was shinign and he was like a shadow and he was smoking a cigar pipe.

Shwdow covered his eyes and looked at him and he was staning there smoking oserving shadow. “Todday is the anniverserie of that day friend. ”

“How you know about this” Shadow said with some tears dripping out his eyes looking at the man. “Your smoking a cigar pipe your behind this?”

“Yes Im behind this. Im behind allot of things Shadow.” the man said. “Ive been searching the truth of Chaos Time” and he smoked his cigar pipe. “This cigar pipe is the secret  unlocker and I like to smoke. Was a tall bigman with a robot labcoast and big blue robo eyes like 4 inches and wires for hair and sharp screws teeth and a clock neclace and moon boots. In his mouth smoking a cigar pipe. “I am Metal Lord dont forget this name Shadow” and Shadow looked at his name.

“Let me tell you my back story. I was the seconde prototype of the ultimate life form I am almost ultimate but not ultimate Im the one rightafter biolizard I was created by Gerald Robonik. Maria was my girl friend and but when you got creatied Gerld threw me away like trash and I was almost dead in space but I got to Earth and planned my revenge. Shadow listen to my voice. Its myfault Marid killed ahahahahah” and he started laugheing like crazy and the laugh echoed everywhere and it sounded like surround by laugh and the HD speaker system recorded the laugh and played it some more eveywhere and Shadow covered his ears but could still here it. “I gold GUN to kill them all I tolded them Gerald not a trustable guy but Im not done yet. Its hard to kill you Shadow I had to go in time a multible times and I watched what you done.”

But was a fake man made of smoke dust and Shadow fell down in shockedness

“Get up Shadow. My boss MEtal Lord isnt here but I am here” and he seen Mightys legs were robo legs now and Mighty smiled like a jerk.

“Your working for Metl Lord? Why your my second  best friend??”

Might said “He got me new legs strong ones for running jumoing kicking; everything. Now Im Loyal to him and I’ll help him get you dead”

Shadow was not happy about this and he got ready to fight Mighty.

“Metal Lord is real and he killed Maria but the cigar pipe has a secret ” and Shadow punched Mighty but Mighty used chaos warper to get his arm and block the punch and it was a lot of energy and Shadow was mad.

“We was good firends. We had hot dog together Mighty remember?” and Mighty didnt care and he kicked Shadow really hard and got him. “Now my Legs arent my weak point there my Strong point” and Mighty did metal warper and got to the sides of Shadow and used power warper to punch him really hard and got him and he went on the ground.

“I’ll put you back in a wheelchair you betrayer” Shadow told Mighty and it was true he wanted to do this.

— IIIV —

Shadow went to next to Mighty with his arm and went to get the punch move to get him hurt. Unfortunately Mighty bended his legs really fast and went down so quick that Shadow’s punch went missing.

“These Legs are strong” Shadow said

“yea” Migthy said and then went and kicked Shadow and did a legger flip and went really up fast and circiled around Shadow and punched him in the back the head and wnet and got fast with metal warper and got punching and going and getitng Shadow and making a lot of blood drip out of Shadow from the spots where he got punched but also his face and things.

Shadow picked up a pipe and hit Mighty in the head with ti but it just bended on the side of his head and Mighty smiled.

“Up graded your head to?” Shadow said shocked looking at the bended pipe.

“yea” Mighty said and he used his leg knee to get it moving and get into Shadow’s stomach which smashed it really bad and got Shadow hurt and kicked him down on the ground. Mightys leg had a gun and it pulled out the gun and pointed it at Shadow and Shadow got his gun out and they both shot and the gun got Shadow’s arm and he dropped his gun and Mighty stomped o n Shadow’s arm really hard and broke it and Mighty picked up Shadow by the neck.

“Your pretty good Mighty” but then Tails showed up like Shadow expected he was motivated by Shadows speech and his lessons and he punched Mighjty with his Tails and got him and Shadow added max power to his fist with chaos warper and went and started running and he went around the planet so fast he went around it 10 times in 1 second and went with fire and stuff around him and went and he went and he got his really powerful punch really powerful so powerful that the whole plannet got shaking from it and he got the punch and went and it got Mightys leg and taked it off and now Mighty was on one leg and he got his gun out and shot the other leg off and bnow Mighty was no legs again and Shadow put him back in his wheel chair and Mighty cried.

“Thanks for yourhelp Tails” Shadow said to Tails smiling.

“No, thank YOU Shadow. You taught me a lot. LEts be team up guys now and go get Matall Lord”

“Good idea”

—VV The Hunt Search of Metal Lords Location Place—

“Im out of Leads Tails where is he?” Shadow asked Tails.

Shadow punched Mighty in the face “Where do I find Mettal Lord Stupid?” Shadow asked Mighty who was still crying from losing his legs again and now cant fight or walk and has to roll in his wheelchair like before for years.

“I dont Know Shadow but I do know he got your friend to build me legs”

“My best friend Lawndo!? Shadow yelled”

Tails looked a Shadow “Lawndo is a arm builder… but he now can build legs?”

“He must of trained a lot to up  grade from arms to legs he must be powerful maybe he can be a  team up guy and help us get MEtealL Lord killed and he got his phone out and called Lawndo.

“Lawndo you are OK Metal Lord had you a hostage?” Shadow asked to Lawndo. “What happened did he get you with his robots? Are you in a robo cage?”

“No I am fine Shadow I know where he is but I cant help you get him I am really busy” Lawndo spoked back at Shadow.  “He is in the meta junglira zone from sonic triple triple for the game gear. He has a secret hide out there he told me about it he has a cigar pipe there Shadow. Uh oh Shadow I have to go Im really busy”

Shadow hung off the phone nad looked datamined to go get Metla Lord. “Come one Tails lets go we are going to the place he said on the phone” and they got on The Tornado which is Tails Plane he got there on to help Shadow.

They went flying and going up into the sky and going. Tails looked at a picture of Espio and Shadow was standing on the wing of the Tornaod like Sonic but cooler he had his arms crossed and a tear got out of Tails eye thinking about Espio and got on Shadow and Shadow siad “You will be over his death soon” and Tails said “I know now lets go get Metel Lord” and they landed in Meta Jinglera Zone and Shadow jumped and got and looked and was looking for the base and it was hidden and they had to find a way to unhide it and Tails didnt know what to do.

Shadow got looking at some trees and waters and was looking around the area and looking to see where a base was. He stared punching aorund and breaking some trees and looking and jumping around and goin with binoculars.

Metal Lord looked out a window hidden and smiled and laughed and said “He will never find me like that” and he took a smoke out of his cigar pipe and closed the window and it went back hiddended.

Shadow kicked a tree open and found a item inside a robo searcher. Shadow picked it up and it shined and Tails saw it and said “Thats a robo searcher!!! You can find robots with it” and Shadow got a smile and turned it on.

It went beep beep and pointed arrow at the hide out and Shadow punched it upen and got inside and got in and went in and Tails was there.

Metal Lord standed tall and was in smoke from all the smoking he was doign and making some metal fists and looking around and looking at Shadow and  Tails.

“So you find me. Of course typical you are a  true detective Shadow but this area place will be the place where you get killed and buried.” Metal Lord said to Shadow. “And Tails you shouldnt of came here. Go out now I dont want to kill you.

Tails stayed and was ready to fight and Metal Lord quickley killed him and his blood got everywhere and landed on the ground in the shape of a skull signifying Tails was killed.

Shadows got really mad and yelled super loud and was upset with Meal Lord for doing this and he was ready to start fighting him.

—IVV The Metal Fight —

Shadow speeded up and used Speed up and went to go to the side of Mettal Lord to go for a nice good punch to get him and it got him and but the punch did not harm him at all and Shadow was suprised and looked at the punch which was currently hitting him in slow motion and not hurting him and his eyes got big in slow motion from the shock suprisededness.

“What my punch is best in the world” Shadow said looking and not liking this. “This imposible”

Metal Lord got a jerk smile and was looking at Shadow and he was really big. Shadow chaged up a chaos lance and shooted it at Medal Lord and but he just got his arm out and smacked it and it went flying and went and shadow watched it go thousands of miles out into the ocean and exploded a entire mountain and Shadow was uspet. “I can kill a mountain with that and you bounce it?”

Metal Lord laughed. “I am a planner. I planned your power and I planned a lot of things.”

Shadow had a idea. “So your the one who make Knuckles weak.”

“That right Shadow good noticing. I spended many days secretly injecting Knuckle’s with poison so when you got at him he would die really quick.”

Shadow took thos oppertuenity while they were talking to go and chaos warper and go right to Metal Lord and punch him in the face and metal lord head turned a little from it and he smiled . “Best punch Shadow?” and Shadow had to run away because he is too strong.

“Now I m,st figure out why he is this power ful this must be a trick or a plan that I must solve I will have to use my skill as a detective to get this one solved”

But it wasnt time yet for this because eMetael Lord bended his robo legs and stretched em and started talking big long steps and going faster than Shadow and catched up and went to the front of Shadow where he was running and Shadow bumped into him and Metal Lord got out his cigar pipe and smoked a big smoke of it and blew it in Shadows face which blinded him and then he took his robo leg and git it moving and got Shadows legs and broke them and Shadow fell on the groudn and he was now crying because this really sucked.

“You got me oyu are stronger faster and  you took away my wife Cream who i am only able to replace with one backupo Vanilla who you will probaly kill next. You turn my second best friend Mighty into my enemy and I had to get him back in wheel chair. Killed my new buddy side   kick Tails also.” but Shadow got a smile and the htears stopped and Shadow looked at Mettal Lord. “I am ultimate life form and I will learn your weakness I bet its somethign to do with cigar pipe right buddy?” and Metal Lord got angry for a second and his face tunred into a gun and it was going to finish off Shadow.

—IIVV The Weakness Learning Quest of Shadow Where He Uses His Dettective Skills—

Shadow flip rolled and got away 1 nanosecont before the bullet shot out of Metel Lords gun got to Shadows head and he was not hit in the head which would of killed him instantly and put his blood and skull and things on the ground and been really messed up.

“Close one but I survived. Thats a strong Gun there Metal Lord” Shadow said smileing. Metal Lords face turned bakc into a face and he said in a very robot voice very loudly and scary “You mother F -worder you will not figure out my weak ness or my sourse of my powder” but Shadow was already going running and thinking and making a plan to do it. Metal Lord stretchered his arm out like a springer punch and went to go punch Shadow with a long stretcher punch but Shadow did a baflip right when it was only 1 nano inch away from punching Shadow in the leg and went over it and then did chaos warper to go 10000 miles away and was in a dessert and was tired and catched his breath and then smiled and said “I have to hurry and find the secret. Its a tough one. My greatest mystery yet. i have to put all the clues together and think about it and get this one figured out.” But he got a phoncall from Vanillas phone number and he answered it.

“Hello” he said into the phone which was heard by the person on the phone which was Metal Lord. “I have got your finance. You wont be merrying her Shadow. Dont search my secret. You have 24 hours to get back here and then let me kill you. Iff you dont I will hurt this wife and get her killed.”

Shadow said “ok” was really upset and he dropped the phone in the sand and stopped smiling and now he had a timelimit to find the weakness. “Only 25 hours how will I get this done. It will be many hours of researching and looking at things to get the secret. Instead now to rush it I will have to go to the Dark Libary where they got books on everything. I will get the cigar pipe book and learn is secret.”

But thats dangerous. Most men are killed there and its underground in a bad place. Crazy men are there and they kill you if you make a sound since they want it to be quite there. Shadow got his gone and started loading it up with bullet’s. “I dont have time to be quiet. I will be searching loud and pushing books over since I will be hurrying so much. Its a giant libarry with over 100 thousand million books. I have to go looking at them really quick and that means sadly alot of people will die during the search since they wlll attack me.”

Shadow got on his motorcycle and went to go there. It took 8 hours to get there and he got there. Shadow ramped down unerground and went down some stairs and had to jump of the motorcycle which exploded and he rolled and got to the door of the libarry and jumped in and did a flip and got inside. He got his gun out and it was dark in there and he tippy toed quietly and was lookin  around carefully and looking.

He saw a man behind counter at front in the dark and he looked a Shadow and put his ear out and was listening for Shadow to make a sound which he didnt and he kept going quiet. Shadow got to the first book shelf and said “Time to start searching. Every book must be looked at to find the book.” and he ot out a flshlight and shined it and showed book shelfs 1000000 feet high full books and was looking at it. He started going real quick and taking books and lookin at em and throwin em really quick and the man behind counter got made and ran at Shadow and Shadow shot him and the Shot echoed all around the building and more men were coming for shure and Shadow had to keep searching and looking at books really quick and keep an eye out for more men who wanted to kill Shadow for making a sound.

—IIIVV  Shadow Get’s the Secret —

A man rapped in chains and barbed wire and had a book necklace and a library hat walked slow and quite behind Shadow while he was looking for book. He crackd his knuckle which made not any sound and but Shadoe noticed the vibrasion and looked and turend and looked aroudn and saw the man and looked a him and said.

“So you are the boss here?”

“YeS” man said back to Shadow and swunged his fist really fat at Shadow and missed and hit the book   shelf which broke it and books went flyign every where and a really ehavy book fell and got Shadow in the head and a lot of blood came out and he fell down and was trashed and hurt really bad.

Te man picked Shadow up from then neck and started spinning him and running around and dragging him across book   shelfs breaking them and getting Shadow hurt and then he threwn Shadow into a table which broke the table turned it right into sawdust and Shadow was on the floor andhurt really badly.

“My name is Learner Im boss library here” and he had a sword now and was walking to Shadow and pointing the sword at Shadow and spinning the sword around like trick moves like a karate kung fu man.

Shadow got stood up and looked to him and didnt care. He spitted out a blood and looked “Your roles are stupid my man. I’m in a hurry you stupid trash. Too many book’s to be quite”

“These are our rules you will follow them. Wait asecont what do you look for? About Meteal Lord?”

“Tahts right”

“That guys a dick we have the book about him to get him dead…. you have looking for it?”


Learner walked over and went to book and picked it up and walked to Shadow and gave him the book and Shadow opened the book and read the obook and saw Metal Leords weakness.

“Hes a robot so hes weak against water all I need to do is get water on him or get him in water or both” Shadoe said. Than he threw the book really hard at Learners head and istantly killed him.

“Shouldnt of put your guard down.” Shadow said and then he checked his watch and it was only 4 hours remaining for him to get Meteal Lord and he got on the library computer and he found a live   stream where he was goign to live stream him killing Banilla and he was wearing a suit and had a giant knive and was holding it in front of a clock which was counting down and there were people in chat posting on there saying “yeah shadow not coming haha” and posting little smile faces and little men to show there mood and was over 1 million watching.

Shadow got really made but stayed focus and looked and had to think about a plan to kill Metal Lord.

“Hmmm I have to get him into water how to get him into water?” and he looked and saw wheree Metal Lord was and he said “Wait look whats this” and he saw there was a window and he saw place.

He got out a boook with maps and things and looked around and picked up another book and saw and was reading books really fast and then he pointed at a book and said “Yes” and he pointed at a river on the book map and said “Theres a river 1 mile from Metel Lords locaotion I just must have to push him in there after a fight. Will be rough he is very strong”

“You wont have to do it alone buddy” a voice said from behind Shadow.

Shadow turned and had his gun out to shoot and saw it as Sonic.

“Sonic? What are you doing in here in this library”

“Here to help Shadow”

— VIVV The Mettal Weakness —

Shadow looked a Sonic and said. “Sonic were not friends. Yourfault my girl friend died and you just a ass hole.”

Sonic got a jerk smile and said. “Water under bridge.” and walked next to in front of Shadow and moved his hand and went and put his hand on Shadows arm shoulder reashuringly. But Shadow was not having this and quickly speed moved and punched Sonic in the face and smashed really hard and sended him backward and into 100 book shelfs and smashed all and Sonic did a roller move and bounced and rolled and spinned and got back next to Shadow and said “Shadow Metal  Lord tricked me he is a planner”

Shadow said “Your right we should work otgether to get this fixed.” Sonic had a smile and he said “Lets get Vanila rescued I wont let you lose another person.” and then Shadow shot sonic in the head killing him and saw wires in his head was a robot sonic but not metal sonic was androit Sonic.

“Sonic didnt know about Vanilla was obvious a trick.” and he went up to him and picked him head up and said “Meteal Lord I know your listening your plans not going to work” and but Sonic was a bomb and exploded and got Shadow really bad and he was burn and had shards in him and was in blood and fell on the ground and was in bleeding and was hurt and burned by the bomb and was hurting and really messed up and dizy and smashed by explosoin which was a trick and was really messed up and startd crying and bleedign and was looking and the hwole place was destoyed and was sun light and Shadow was on the ground in bleeding compleetely messed up and his ribs was broken and bleeding and was messed up and on the ground bloody messed up and really badly hurt and one of his arm’s was blew off and gone and Shadow got out his sell phone nad logged onto MEtal Lords stream and watched it and it showed live video of Shadow getting exploded and people in chat were posting “wow shadow owned” and thing like that and Shadow closed his eyes and said “How   could I get this care  less Metal Lord got me…..” and Metal Lord said “Hahahahahahahhhhhh Shadow how do you like this you are tricked. That was power bomb your defeated”

and but on the stram everyone saw Shadow was there and he punched Mettal Lord in back of the head and knocked him over and broke a table and smashed computer.

“Acutally I figured out your whole plan the moment I seen Sonic. That was my new move Chaos Cloner which creattes a clone of me.” Then a flaback happened and showed the past. Shadow seen Sonic and knew the plan and made clone with his new move quickley used Chaos warper to travel to Metel Lords location to get him by suprise.

“Your smart Shadow. You are true detective knowing my fullplan so quick.” Metal Lord said but then he got a smile and got out his cigar pipe. “But you diddent think about this” and Mighty was there and rolled over to Shadow in his wheelchair and rammed him really hard and got him and he went back.

“Youll pay for what you had did to me Shadow” Mighty said but Shadow didnt think about that and shot Mighty in the head killing him since he cant react that fast in a wheel chair.

“I Was mercy and then you do this Mighty?” Shadow said to Mightys body. “What a laughjoke.” he said then he looked back at Metla Lord.

“Hhahha but Mighty just buyed me 1 second for this” and he stretchered his arm out and punched Shadow really hard the dust from the punch could be seen from space it was this powerful and Shadow was smashed and went going back 500 miles and smashed and skidded on ground and went and fell down and was badly hurt and but Shadow got a smile as he planned this and was next to river now aand but stopped the smile and acted like almost dead which he was but also was not that dead.

Meteal Lord and his camera guy who is named Camera walked over to Shadow and was filming this which now the stream had 1 billion views and he went over to Shadow holding the cigar pipe and smoking it and looking happy.

“Finally revenge. Feels good Shadow. Look a you that punch had all the strength. I was charging it for 5 years to get you killed thats how much it is.”

Shadow quickley picked up a rock and used chaos warper to threw it really hard and hit Camera in the head which destroyed his whole head like balloon.

“NOOOOOOOO CAMERA” yelled Metal Lord and he was looking. “MY BESTFIREND CAMERA I’LL GET YOU KILLED” and he was now realyl angry which Shadow knew would happen and he went at Shadow but Shadow went chaos warper and kicked Metl Lords cigar pipe in the water and then he put Metal Lord in a head   lock and started saying stuff to him and said “Your right in my trick trap” And he jumped and got in the river and started drownibng MEtal Lord in it but Metal Lord pointed his robo arm and showed Camera’s camera had legs and started going and then showed it had Vanilla on TV in a big cage and the camera said in robo voice “Let Metal Lord out or she will be laser killed.” and Shadow said “Oh no I didnt expect this”

— VIVVI The Showed Down —

Shadow undunked Metal Lords head out the water and metal lord shoved Shadow and pudh him on the ground.

“I let you out the water now oy let vanilla out the cage” and that Made Metal Lord Get a laugh and lauhg at Shadow and look at him. “Stupid this a chessgame and you wont me to give a way my rook knight?” Mettal Lord said back to Shadow in the face and tha mad Shadow mad. “I wont Laser kill her Shadow” “Than what will you do stupid keep here in the cage? You thing thats a good idea how many months or hours can you keep her into that huH?”

Matal Lord thought about it a second and said then he put his fist out really fast punchingly and punchd Shadow hard and got him back 10 miles and shadow went smashing thru like 50 trees and a buildin and went and landed on top of a truck which was going 160 mph which exploded and shadow got full of shards and was in the ground which was a creator and was bloody and Metal Lord jumped there to next to Shadow and he showed the screean some more and he saw something really bad.

Epsio had a gun and was showing it to Vanilla and theare was a clock which said a time what the time was was in the time when the clock goes down in some minute after the counted down it was then Vanilla would get shot which would kill her. 5 minutes counting down Shadow lookd and a tear went shooting out his eye and got on the ground next to some blood which came out of Shadow and shadow looked at these on the floor afront of him and he looked at Mettal Lord aangerly. “Your a ass hole you stupid guy i’m hating you” and Metl Lord picked Shadow up from his neck and holded him up and was like going to kill him or hurt him real bad. “Youll never find our figure out where my base is and save Vanila. Then after she is shot in the head and killed……….” Metal Lord took a smoke from his cigar pipe and blew it and then looked and finish his sentance “…………………thean I will kill you whiel you are crying about it. Your wifes both of them killed by me. That’s sad huh Shadow?” he said with some smiles.

Shadow looked a Metal Lord and got thinking. The time on the clock on the TV metal ord was shaowing shadow went slow like 1 second took more than 1 second and this was becaus Shadow was using his new detective but also fighting move Chaos Detectiving which makes shadow think really fast and figure thing out and use his brain REALLY GOOD and he thouhgt about things and had a visional and he started thinking about MEttal Lord and the fight what had been happening some seconds ago. He looked at the memory from not verry long ago when Metl Lord punched him and he kenw somehingn. “You punched me in this directoin… .awaya from your base” and Metal Lords eyes got really big from shock like the size of dinner plate from being so suprise (his eeeys can get really big becaus hes a robo). “No no thats wrong” he said back to Shadow but this only made Shadow get a smile. “Found your base out” and he used chaos warper to go to next to Vanilla and he kicked Cameras legs and they fill over and he arm chopped the cage and get Vanila out and they did a long 5 minute kiss which was great.

and but Metal Lord was there and he walked real slow and was clap his hand slow and said. “Your better then I thought my friend.” he said but then said “hah sarcasmal we’re not friend” and Shadow turned and pushed Vanilla away to some where safe and he looked aback at Metal Lord and got his fist ready and his gun ready and said “I think its time we got a actual fight going” and he started to powered up alot and the power was so big it turned the TV off.

— VIVV The Big Mettal Fight —

“You thing so Shadow? Lets get the fight going then”M etal Lord said and they were going to each other and doing moves. Metal Lord did a stretcher punch and then Shadow saw the punch and flipped and the flip moved him up into the air to a place that wass above the punch and it missed and then Shadow went down from gravity and landed on the Punch and then jumped to Metal Lord but he saw this and did a kick and Shadow couldnt dodge it and it got him and smacked him really hard and then he went to go punch Meta Lord and got him in the face bvut it didnt hurt him and Shadow said “What I put full power in that punch” and Metal Lord tossed Shadow on the ground and said “Lets get serious now in the fight”

Metal Lord started flexing his arms and legs and chest and was getting really buffed. A sattelite from outer space flew down and went floating around his head and shooting a power laser into his head which had now a antenna coming out of it. His legs turnned into computrs with glass on the outside and collorful lights inside and going all diffwerent colors like rainbow like Hyper Sonic and jet air planes wings came out of his back and a jet ingene got out of hib back and the ingen was aslo computer fan to chill out the insides of Metal Lord and shadow saw in his chest is a NUCLEAR POWER CORE and shadow got really shocked ad was looking and next to the nuclear was a Chaos Gem!! also giving more power then nuclear??

“Whats that?” Shadow said and point at it. “That has more power than nuclear energy which can power a whole city up and you got it in your chest”

“Chaos Diamond” Metal Lord said. “They   are way more rarer than the chaos emerald and only I could find this one and now I am strong as a robgod” and he put the ciggar pipe in his mouth and mettal wires started coming out his lips and pluggin into the cigar pipe and it turned it into a usb stick and started downloading a program to kill Shadow into Metal Lords robo brai nwhich was showing now and was big and red and had a lot of data in it and Metal Loras eyes were really big now and theyu were robo camera and they were recording Shadow and zooming on every prat of his body and had words and labels and numbers and calcuulating every thing going on and Mettal Lord flex buffed his arms out and they both turned to robo fist guns and Metal Lord said “now look a this” and he shot a robo shot out of his left hand and a bullet went shotting out of it and Shadow jumped away but it wasnt aimed at him and it went past Shadow and far a way and went to the ocean.

Shadow said “What ? You stupid” but Metal Lord just had a smile and said “just wait some seconds” then Shadow seen a giant hole in the ocean no water there just nothign just dust air. Mtal Lord used metal warper to quickly get to the front of Shadow and go to him with a fist and got him so badly that every part of his body got broken. Every part all of them. Each bone. Each organ. Shadow heart lung everything broke and Shadow fell in the ground fully in blood. Shadows eyes got bloody and he was trying to look at Mettal Lord but it was to bloody.

Meal Lord walked to over Shadow and said “Wont fall for it” and he turned around really quick and Shadow was behind him and got punched for real and the same thing happend and Shadow daid “how did you know it was a chaos clone?” And Metal Lord said “Down loaded it.”

Shadow was on the ground almost dead like going to die in 5 seconds. Metal Lord saw this and the computer showed it and he said “Well looks like I got pay back was very easy. I killed your wife soon I kill the other. I turned all friends of Shadow into the enemys of Shadow. My plan is perfect. Shadow you are the utlimate life form but I am the ultimate computer form. Gerald Robonik would know now today about how what that I am actually best if he was alive and now you’ll die” and after he had finnished saying this Shadow died.

Metal Lord took a giant puff from his cigar pipe usb stick and blew data smoke all over the dead body and he turned around to start walking away and to go kill Vanilla. But suddanly the computer started putting a warning on for Metal Lord but was too late and Shadow shot Metal Lord in the back the head killing him.

Shadow said “Finally got him killed.” and he got up and walked over next to his dead bodey. “Mabye we could of been friends if things had happend different.” then he spitted on Metel Lords body and he stucked his hand in his chest and took out the Chaos Diamond and it was shiny.

Vanilla came and hugged Shadow and was crying and looking and said “How but you were killed?” and Shadow got a smile and said.

“Vanilla. Was my final move of as a detective. I made a new move called Chaos Revivaller and if I die right after I use it I come back alive. I learned it from Darky. I knew he would kill me I figured out his exact moves perfictly. He fell right to my trap.” and then they frenched kissed for 3 minutes.

For now the fight wass over and Shadow had gotten all his enemys killed. He looked at the Chaos Diamond and a tear with blood on it got on it and he thought about all the freinds that had died and then started thinking of the future. More bad guys or he could live in piece now?

“To Be Continued…?” Shadow said to the chaos diamond.

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