Why are all memses are bad

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Why are all memses are bad

It well knowed all memses are bad. But have science discovered why this happened? Yes. It is infact a truth that we know what the events are that cause all memses are bad.

First thing happen is All Gore made internet. He moved his hands on the machine and caused the internet to form. He did it very bad and only stupid boys climbed onto the internet for to make there bad sites fill with .jifs and improbable to read texts.

Than after this had happen boy invent “memses”. Was a dance baby .jif memses looked so stupid and all the dumb boys smiled at it. This set stage for all memses to be bad. All memses originated from the dance baby. They all are trash as a result of this.


Some years happen and more memses got create. Many men on internet enjoy these memses because they hurt their head and have brian damage. So they stupid and make more memses and laugh with each other and think they clever but not clever.

They made mebsite called 4chan which is website for trash boys. Literal they call their site “Web site for trash boys” dont believe? Look at the proof.

So they make this site and fill with memses and it is not funny. Not good.  They built memses and fill internet with them and create more trash boys.  It is sad time.

Yesterday I had lunch time. Sandwich made by my mom for lunch time. Beef pickle sandwich. Not tasty. After one bite it went to the trash can.  Like memses should. Each time memes is on my computer it is deleted.

I hope you learn a lot today I know I did.

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  1. So you like memes? What about the one where the guy is pointing and he painted himself pointing and laughing and it’s an old painting so it’s funny?

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