Shadow Infenety – Volume 4

— I The Time After The Time —

Shadow put a red rose on the grave of Sonic, Tails, Espio, Knuckles, Rogue and Cream and a tear went flying out his eye and landed on the grass on the groud which was near and on top of the bury place. Then he dropped a bag in the trash can where Mightys dead body got buried since Mighty is a betrayer. Shadow sadly walked away from there and went to Vanilla who was there and he put his arms on top of her back and a round her back and said “Its still sad that all these men are dead” and she agreed and this was true it was sad. The whole country was sad about this what that happened. It was a year that happened after they died and they were alldead. “there all killed and are skelletins in the ground all dead” he said and he started walking and thinging about what happened. At least the man responsible Metal Lord was killed by Shadow perfectly. Shadow got his job offer back from the police cheif to bea cop again but Shadow told the cheif he can go fuck himself.

Shadow was married to Vanilla now for a year as a replacement of dead Cream. Vanilla was 90% as good as Cream since they look almost the same but they dont have the History of Shadow and Cream which was very romantical and special and Shadow was very sad and upset she is killed still. Shadow got really mad and threw a rock and it broke a tomb grave and exploded it. “WHY THIS WORLD KILLS MY WIFE AND MY FRIENDS?” Shadow said in his breath.

Vanilla got her arm out and put it in Shadoww Shoulder and said “my love hosband feel better? You did all the best and killed now the world is safe and you have me almost as good as my doughter Cream” and Shadow felt better. “you are good wife cook a good dinner make a lot of good sex with me” Shadow said to her. Suddenly out of nowhere by suprise a hover   board flew over the cemitary where Shadow is and flew by so fast and made a wind and it knocked Vanila over and Jet the Hawk from Sonic Riders looked and smiled and said “Hah cant handle ?” and Shadow got really mad and started to go kill him angery and he started running and going but he was so fast he got away. “What a asshole” Shadow said and he went to check on Vanille on the ground in dirt and picked here up and said “Lets go home” And they went home.

They had a new home becaus shadow exploded the other one in grieving because Cream Rabbit is dead. Now they live in the woods out   side Station Square in a small little house Shadow built with his own hands and wood he chopped down him self with a axe he made him self with tools he made him self with thing he got him self and but Jet the Hawk was there and got a teeth chew out of a red apple and threw the apple core on the ground afront of Shadow and shadow looked really mad. He got his gun ready and was about to shoot Jet in the head which would kill him.

“shadow my man your around here living here” jet said to Shadow all cool and crossed his arms. “Dont be such a rude guy i’m your friend I’m the fastest racer in the world”

Shadow looked at him with his gun still ready and he loaded the gun. “What do you want at my house i built?” Shadow said.

“Whoa you dont need to be so violent Shadow.” Jet said and he sweallowed a apple. “I just came here to tell you I’m the ultimate race form and you cant race me” and Shadow didnt care. “I fighted and killed a lot of bad guys and i dont care of a race thats stupid. Just go off my land and dont comeback here”

Jet got a jerk smile and said “Vanilla what do you think of this? Dont you rather have an man who can do the races?”

Vanilla said “I dont want to be marryed to a man who cant even race and is slower than this man and doesnt even have ah over board” and she crossed her Arm and looked away.

Shadow was about to shoot Jet and end this ones and forall but Vanilla said “Dont you shoot him or Ill divorse you and be alone and take your home you built with your hands. Race him and win and we will be happy lovers in love for many years if you can win” and Shadow said “You are a lucky Jet messing around i could kill you in 1 second and put all your blood on the ground” and Jet didnt care and he started flying in his hover board and laughng. Then he threw a paper to Shadsow who easily picked it up out the air it since he is fast from fghting and training so many people and he looked and saw a race competition with people racing in it to race and the grand prize is a Chaos Diamond.

“I have to win this race to keep my wife Vanilla who i love alot and get the Chaos Diamond as a nice bonus but there will probally be a lot of tough racers and i dont have a hover board I need a freind or a peraon or a shop or some thing who can build me one”

— II The Getting Ready For The Race Preparation —

Shadow had to think about and figure out how to get a hover board which he wanted to race on and win the race using it. Shadow found a picutre of tails to remind him of tails and a cry tear fell on it “tails I wish you were in living you were great team up guys and and a great builder but now your dead and i get no hoverbord” and then a robo leg stepped on a tree stick and crunchd  next to Shadow and shadow had heard it with his strong ears and saw and  looked and saw it was Robo Eggman.

“what do you want your masters dead? your free now go away and dont bother me”

“For the actual i am Doctor Robotnik Egg Man. I down loaded my brain into a robot before I was killed. Shadow you are not my freind i want my humann body back”

Shadow pulled out his gun all slow and cool nd showed it to Eggmen and licked the barrel of the gun and cocked the gun and put the gun around Eggmans head. “Give mea good reason to not shoot you you won’t have a good reason I should just shot you right here right now”

“Im the olny builder you know Shadow. I heard you need a hover board i can build that easy.”

“Hommm your right I need yourhelp but I dont trust you whats in it for your whats your motivations to do this? You trick me and make a plan? Huh Eggmen?” and he jammed the gun really hard in Robo Eggmans face and loaded the gun up.

“I want chaos damond.” Eggman said and smiled at Shadow. “Easy deal you keep yuor wife I get diamond.”

Shadow almost killed over this he was really pissed off. “GREEDY EGG MAN!!! THAT GEM IS REALLY STRONG. NOT A DEAL. YOU CAN BORROW DIMAOND FOR 1 DAY THATS IT” and Eggmen.

“1 week” Egg Man said bargainingly.

“Deal” and Shadow punched off one of Eggmans arms to show he means business for real. The robo arm fell in the ground and exploded with the power.

“Dont mess around Robotnick” Shadow said. “Now your gonna build me the hover board villain.”

Robotniks flying thing came out and he jumped in it and Shadow got in too and was standing in the back of it like on the side standing on the edge of it. Like not riding inside it but he is on the sides of it standing ballancing on it and ready to go with Eggman. Eggman started driving the thing and going and zooming through the air really fast. “Well go to my base and thats where I can build it thats where all my tools are”

“Tools you made your self or with robots?” Shadow said.

“Robots off course” Egg man said and Shadow rolled his eyes. “Typical lazy Eggman not having the work ethic to build his own tools Shadow said and Eggman was sad over this but didnt care”

They landed in the base and got inside the base and Eggman started going around on his robo jetpack and picking stuff up and building and getting the hover board ready. Eggman turned the TV on and it showed a race pogram and Jet the Hawk was on TV and doing hover tricks in front of camera with his two friends from Sonic Riders.

Jet flipped and did a really good move and firework went off and he smiled like a bird and got on the ground and the TV crowd cheered really loiud and he grabbed a microphone and said “At the big race Im going to beat Shadow” and the crowd cheered really loud. “Then Im going to take his wife away from him. Hahah his other wife is killed and now I will grab his otherone by being the best racer” and the crowd was going really loud and the guys on TV were saying “Wow Jet is the most best racer in the whole world. Theres no way anyone will get him.” And Jet had a carboard Vanilla he made and he started kissing it and being weird.

Shadow was watching this and getting mad. “That Jet. Ill get him Ill win the race and then Ill get him dead. You dont disrespect Shadow like that not in a million years. I am the ULTIMATE.” and he looked at Eggman. “Done yet fat man?”

“Shadow a hover board will take some hours to build. Have some patience my friend. Watch TV while waiting thats why I turned the TV on” and Shadow did.

Big the Cat was there and he was on a hover board. But he was slow always in last place very sad. Shadow smiled and laughed and said “Big stupid cat tries to race hahhahah” And then he saw a mysterious guy inside the TV he was had white fur and wore a cool hemlet that a guy in a motorycle wears and and has glass in the front so you dont see his face and has a cool shapes on it a square and he had really cool shoes they were black and orange and green and red and had a zipper on the sides and spikes and were really cool and he did a lot of good moves and did a flip trick and jumped and landed back in his hoverbord and the moves were really good and Shadow said “Whos that” But nobody knew who it was.

Shadow kept watching to learn all about his opponets while he waited for Egg man to hurry up and build the hover board which was taking forever.

— III Anew Enemie Arrives On The Seen —

Suddenly at Eggmans base a new enemie arrived on the seen. It was a big man who looks like Dr Robotnik but looks different. He had longer arms and bigger head and didnt wear any goggles and is older than Eggman and looks more mean and deosnt smile and has a gun hand and wears a eyepatch over his left eye.

“Brother” Eggman said to him. “Your building Shadow a hover bord huh?” the man said.

Shadow got out his gun and said “Whos this man he seems like a problem what to do Eggman?”

“….hes the man who created Mighty. but he is not Mightys freind and he deonst like me neither and we havent got talking to eachother in 20 years”

Shadow looked really shocked and upset and looked at him. “Mighty was builded? Liek Gerld Robotnick builded me?”

“Thats right some years ago I wanted to create the ultimate strong form. My experement was a success and Mighty got born. he could jump and run and stomp on things and no problem smash barels with his rough bodey. Strong punches lift a big rock n throw it easy. But he was too nice and freindly he did not do what I had told him he didnt kill people. Shadow I did alot of bad things versus him and tried to kill the world. I killed Roy the Flying Squirell Mightys old best friend I turnd him to bone dust just to make Mighty sad. After i did really bad things i got a robot and punchd mightys blood and Then i torture him for 3 years and he didnt care and he punched out the machine and got out. Then he joined Team Chaotix and to solve the crimes this made me angery for the rest of my livings. But you killed him thanks.” and he had a mostash like Eggmans but it was like a profesional mostash.

“WHO ARE YOU” Shadow yelled with the anger.

“My name is ….. DR NEGGNOG ….” Dr. Neggnog Said With his voice.

“What do you want Neggnog?” Shadow said and he pickd his leg up and made a big walk close to Neggnog and while doing this his hand got into a fist and was to punch Meggnog if he didnt say

“Shadow your not going to win the race.”

“Oh Jet will?” Shadow said back like a question.

“Deosnt matter you will loose. Lets makea bet Shadow. You win you will get the chaos diamond. I win I get your chaos diamond” Neggnog said. then Shadow looked and said “I will win and get the diamond I except your bet you big trash.” and then Neggnog said”Good because I will win thebet and kill the world with Chaos Diamond” then he walked away and left.

Eggman threw the hoverboard at Shadow and he jumped on top of it and slid his foot across and the bord went side ways and up and down and shadow put his knee out and his foot in and got on it and this was a cool trick then and he started riding it but he wasnt that good at it since he didnt do this for along time. “Thanks Egg Man I will keep our deal” and Shadow left and went to go to the race track since the race was starting.

Suddenly in the air in the air next to Shadow Vector the CRoncodile was jumped out on his hover board and flew next to Shadow and they flied side by side on the way to the race to race each other. “Hey Shadow your ready for the race? Youll pay for killing Espio and Mighty. Ill make sure you dont get the prize and ill make sure Jet wins the race and Jet will grab your wife Vanilla and make her his wife and ill be best man at his wedding how about that Shadow”

Shadow looked at Vector and he just got a smile and said really calm and cool. “How children. I knew Vector you would want pay back about your men I killed. You know its justified but your too stupid to even think about that. Bector challenge excepted. I except all challenges I will win” and Shadow did a booster move and went fast but Vector also did a move and cought up to Shadow and got on the side of Shadow and did a twirler and went to afront of Shadow and spinned and did a flip trick and got really speed and went triple ahead of Shadow and Shadow was shocked because he doesnt know these moves.

They got to the start line for the race and all the racers were there. Amy Rose there looking ready to race and go. Bigthe cat also there with Froggey. Metal Sonic looking ready to race looking mean robot. Mysteryous helmet man from TV looking serious with armcross ready to go.  Charmy Bee also there who hi five Vector and then there eye brows went down at shadow. Jet the hawk also there with his two people other birds girl Wave and Storm bird. Shadow looked at the compitition and just had a chuckel. “Pfft this is the compition. Easy opponets they will suck my dust. Accept the hemlet guy? whos that? he seems? stong…?”

— IIII Race Begginings —

Omochoa came out with microphone for time to interveiw all the racers before the race about to start. Frist he went to next to Amy Rose who is now waring a funeral dress with an skull in morning of dead Sonic. “Amy your in the rice why are you in the race?” Omochao said to Amy who answered back. “I join the race to beat Shadow who killed mylove Sonic. Perfect boy Sonic killed befora we could get married” she said in tiers. Omochoa said “Wow thats crazy” then went to Bigthe cat “Big wjhy do you race you are trashed?” and Big the Cat was ready to race and made a fist then Omechao went to Mettal Sonic and said “You are the robotical version of Sonic how about racing how did you got started in racing hummm???” and Metal Sonic said like a robot with gears “I am the fastest racer in town I am a robot faster with a jet engine in me” and Omochao said “Thats really powerfule” and then Omochao went to the cool helmet man and said “Hey racer what your name whats going on you are a good racer in town” and he just looked at Omochao and said “Weak annoying robot you arent good enough to ask me any question.” than he took the micorphone and threw it all the way itno the sun. “I guess interviews are over now huh!” Pmochao said and then went flying with flag to get the race started.

Jet got looking at Shadow and said “Shadow your going down little ultimate boy.” Shadow just smiled and showed him a middle finger then said. “Lets settle this in the race.”

Then Omochao said about the rules of the race “Ok listen to me now every one please pay attention. Theres going to be a race in some seconts but I will be telling you about the rules for the race. You will be going around the whole planet the race track is on the whole world and theres lots of different places to go around and theres different stuff and things you have to do like in lap one you have to go throgh rings and stuff youcan punch other racer’s but if you kill some one then you are out of the race other rules are in the race you can get points for things but you will win in first place probally a good trick in the race is to break a racers legs without killing them thats allowed and pick up flag’s to get more points and the Chaos Emerlads are hidden around the race also if you pick those up you will get more points also you will get a speed boots if you get them also thats how hoiver boards work but point’s are not importatn so dont worry about points and also look out watch out for robots they are in there to stop you and kill you but you will get point’s if you kill the robots. Remeber to do tricks if you get the audience excite for your moves you will get more points and you will get more speed with good tricks. OK on your marks get set go!!!” and the race started

Shadow did a chaos warper move to blast off the starter line and got in 1st place but 2nd place because Jet used a move and got to ahead of Shadow really quick and smiled and took a bite out a apple confidantly and got quick. On the sides of Shadow there was Charmy and Vectore and they started punching Shadow and getting him while distacted from racing and going on the sides of him and punching him because was blocking those and pucnhing back while racing. They were in a beach place the first place of the lap and Shadow grabbed a yumbrella and threw it at Charmy knocking him of the hover board and then he went to Vector and dida drift turn to the race hover track and and pucnched Vectors face and Vector was in blood and hurting but still racing next to Shadow. “All these men team up on me noiw Jet gets a head” and Jet was fastly going and abunch of more racers were getting ahead of Shadow while he was fighting Vector.

“Shadow your never going to catch up now” Vector said and then he grabbd some sands and threw it and made a sand tornado which Shadow had to do a really cool flip to dodge and the crowd which was there was cheering and Shadow got 50 points and then he jumped of his hover board and got his fist out and punchd Vecotr and put him in the ground and then he got ontop of Vector and pucnhed him 50 times in the head intill he was knocked out then he chaos warpered back to on top of his hover board whichwas still in the race but charmy cought up and was going at shadow and shadow did put his head an arms down and got as a fast as a star and got far a head of charmy being in dust.

Shadow was behind Big now which is bad becaus Big is slow and he decided to catch up and got to the sides of Big. Big looked a Shadow and tried to punch Shadow which he blocked and Shadow just shaked his head “You dont mess with me now this has to happen” and he got his gun and hit Big in the back the head and knockedh im off the hover board and fell on the water and he grabbed Froggy whos not a racer and put the gun to Froggys head and said while lookign in Bigs big eyes “You stay out my way Big or this is you after the race” and he shot Froggy who is not a racer so Shadow is allowed to do this. Froggy died really quick since hes just a frog and Big saw this and looked really scaredly mad.

Shadow started flipping milloins of times and doing moves t ocatch up. He saw only 1000 inchs ahead it was Storm the Aldatross from Sonic Riders and he went and was next to him. Storm said “Well hello Shadow looks like you are not as slow as we thought but your still pretty slow. My man Jet wants yoru wife and Jet always gets what he wants he always gets it. Dont fuck around with us Shadow your going to suck on a defeat” and Storm he took out a syrenge full drugs and ingested it in his arm and his vain arterys started glowign and his eyes got all shiny and his legs had a really big muscle on them. “Cheater moves?” Shadow said and Storm punched Shadow and got him and he went back and was behind Storm now in the race and the punch was really strong but it was a trick and was a chaos cloner which disappeared and Strom said “what how can that how happens” and Shadow was zooming fast ahead of him and catching up to the other racer’s and he picked up a flag which was 100 points and got smiling and said “grrrr these men are cheating and using all the team ups to get me behind in the race”

— V More Racings —

Shadow bends his leg really far and went in the fastness. Shadow started doing things and going over stuff and he wasnt in the sands place now he was on the landgrass in land on land not on the beach now. Shadow moved his eye ball over to the sides and saw the racers up a head and he flipped and got into a ring and was 25 points and had to go catch up which he did and was next to metel sonic and metel \onnic looked at Shadow and said “Your racing me now? Don’t make me laugh robot” and he turned on his jet engine to max engine but Shadow used chaos warper and was still on the same level of quick as Metal Sonic and smiled at him.

“Your behind the other racer’s” Shadow said out loud. He looked and was looking at Jet and helmet man and they were racing each other and going and doing moves and punches and Jet was punching halmet man and he was blocking the punches really easy and cool and not even looking at Jet since Jet isnt a puncher only a racer.

Suddanly some thing fully crazy happend and Mighty with his legs and his hover board jumped out of no where and got to the sides of Shadow and was racing him and Mettal Lord.

“MIGHTY? Your alive???? I killed you my self and this is not possible” Shadoe yelled and a flash back happend and it Showed Mighty get shot in his head by Shadow wich killed him for sure.

Mighty didnt make any talk happen and just went to go punch Mighty and since he was so suprised about this with Mighty being alive he got punched and hurt really bad and fell off his hoverbord and rolled on the ground and was on the ground in blood. Shadow spit out a pile of blood and went to get back in his hover board and he went back moving a lot of inchs at a tiem to catch up to every one who was racing ahead. Shadow cell phone ranged and Shadow answeered it was JEt calling

“Why are you on my phone im trying to be a race man” Shadow said to Jet.

“Hah Shadow I just notice whats happend. Listen stupid Im not going to tell you 2 or 3 times. Mightys ressurectalled by the chaos diamond’s. Two chaos diamonds and you can bring back in living more you can do even more stuff and Sahdow looked at Mighty he was glowign with the power of the chaos diamondos. Jet keeped talking “This hemlet man told me all of this and hes related to it but youll never catchup in the race to ask him of it” Shadow was going to ask a question but his phone exploded suddanly and the big explosion blasted him to the sides and in the race she came uninvisible flying in the sides of the race with her hacker computer laptops was bird WAve swallow Jets friend she bullyd shadow “I hacked your phone stupid you shouldnt of answered the phone for JEt” and Shadowe was really thrashed and in blood on the ground and upset and thinking about whats happend.

Shadow put his hands in the ground and his feet on ground and pushed his arms up and unbended his arms and and jumped and did a bacflip and got on his hoverbord and was really hurt and he had to put a banddadge on his head which was blooding so much and he went MORE FAST as well as more quickley  and cought up to Mighty who was only going fast as a fast bus (not that fast).

“Mighty your tricked. Theres a bad plan happening just stay out my way dont have any thing to do with this race I have see whats happening”

Mighty said “they got me in back to livings with my legs good and perfect unlike before where they were broken. Did more for me than you ever did. I’m back alive and I’m teamed up with these men I am a full betrayer now”

“I met your cretor…. Dr. Neggnogs” Shadow said looking into Mighty’s eye with a serious look.

Mighty was suprised for asecont and looked back at Shadow but hten got a smile. “Dont care”

“I think hesbehidn this Mighty what do you think about that”

And Mighty Didnt Care and he just went in the sky and Shadow didnt like that.

— IV Thebig REveal —

Shadow shaked his fist at mighty up in the air. “Stupid Mighty never listens.” And he did a twister and became fast like a racer car. Cathcing up at the behind of Shadow and going up to him back catching up was Storm. Storm looked really meanly at Shadow and said “Your not the ultimate life form” and Shadow raised a eyebrow. “I am the ultiimate” “Yes your are the ultimate trash form” and Storm had a smile. Shadow got angrey and went to punch Storm but storm got a big muscle out and the punch didnt work

“With hos drugs he took hes a, strong fighter, strong racer, with a lot of moves to do i need a smrat plan to win” Shadow said to him self then he got out his gun and Shot Storm and Storm punched the bulet but it went betwen his fingers and went and went and got into his leg and he yelled “AGH MYLEG” And he fell offf his hoverboard and was hurting   bad but not killed and still alive. Shadow laughed and smiled and said “Thats my new gun move you cant punch it” and then he got going.

Soon with more moves and tricks and every thing Shadow was right behidn Jet and helmet man who were racing next to each other. Jet was fully in sweat and looking really sleepy becaus he was so tired trying to race agianst the helmet guy whos a really strong man and a best racer like one of thebest in town and really cool. Helmet man looked and turned his head to Shadow and said “Well finally you cought up…. you earned this” and he grabbed the hellet and he moved it and took it and pulled it and it went and wasnt on his head now and then and looked at Shadow with his hand some blue eyes and Shadow was really suprised by what he had seen. He was a jehdgehig had the almost same face head eyes eybrows nose spiks EVERYTHING AS SHADOW THE SAME. Exsept his boddy had white istead of black and blue istead of red he looked like Shadow and he got a smile. “Hello….. Brother”

Shadow Infenety Volume 4: Brotherhod


Shadows eyes got really big and he was like “oh woah?” and Shadows brother said “Shadow Im your twin brother my names Light the Hegehog. LEt me explain my back  story so you know it all. We were created on the space colony ark at thesame time but I wasent trusted by Blakc Doom who wanted you for his plans so he took me and put me in annother plannet a plannet thats not good and I dident even get to meet MAria like you and didnt know my past or any thing. Shadow it was allot of trash years in my life I had to kill a lot of aliens and other things. I trained really hard and I got good moves and now Im here and I can help my bro to be a team up guy and help him in the race against people like Jet and other people. Don’t worry yourwife Vanilla will be your wife after this lets get this race finished” Then Light punched Jet REALLY hard and broke a lot ofbones and he went back 50 miles in 1 second and got rolling on the ground and more bones broke and his face got busted and he was crunmpled on the ground as blood.

Shadow had a really big smile and said “Wow Icant believe I have a brother who is nice and my freind who will help me. Nice punch how many years did you train that punch?”

“4 years” Light said and Shadow knew that was so cool since thats more years than Shadow trained his punch.

BUT THEY WERE TRICKED And Jet was up a head in the race and he said “Hah hah fell for it stupid ultimate boys. That wasa race decoy my special move I can do.” Strom the albadross and Wave swallow next to Jet way ahead in the race and they did atriple high five and got 5000 points.

“GRRR THOSE ASS HALFS I’LL GET THEM” Shadow said and he was really mad.

Light was full calm like the oceans and the stars and just had a little tiny smile and closed his eyes all the way closed calmly while riding his hoverbord and said “brother don’t worry. They have a lot of race moves and trickers but thats is all it is is just tricks and things. Whens all over the race will be us as winners so and we can put a bullet in one of each of their heads killing them.”

Shadow said “You are correct but they have every plan and can plan and think about each thing that will happen.” and was true.

Jet looked back in the race and looked at Light and Shadow. “Hommmm wasnt expecting them to be team up guys. How about we plan a plan to stop them.”

Storm made double fists and said “I can takemore strong drugs and fight them. With 1 bottle of the drug’s I can geta punch so strong I can kill the moon.” Then Wave said “No my computer says its not enough cheater moves to get them. Oh no they are using their moves to get catched up.”

Jet got an idea and he went and he went to Mighty. “Mighty you hate Shadow right?”


“Were racing him I want his wife shes sexy. But him and that man are really good its not for sure we can win. Help us stop them fight them slow theme down really good and when I win the race you can we can share his wife Vanilla a little after she is my wife”

Mighty thought about it and he said. “yea i will help you and not for any deals. I dont want to share any wife i dont want Shadows wife. You can keep her and have only sex with her I dont care? But I dont like Shadow I’m back in livings no thanks to him.” then Mighty made a Fist and it had a lot of power and he looked at Shadow like an ass whole and was readyt to fihgt.

— VII The Greatest Team —

Mighy came down and was next to and looking at Shadow and Light. “Your looking amlost the same your brothers?” than he looked and said “You wont win the race Jet will!” and he got towards them and made a giant punch and Light yonned and blocked it with 1 hand not even look a it and Mighy got scarred then nighty used power warper and then migty used power warper to make a kick and Light blockd it and a big thing went and smashed and things started falling over like a big hill broke and fell and Shadow had to start punching the rocks falling and it was in sane.

Light said “Shadow ill fight this man you go race a head I will be joining you in some seconds after I get this man” and Shadow did and used chaos warper to go turbo and go. Mighty looked at Light anmd said “You thing you can beat me? I dont know who you are but Im Mighty that means Im strong!” and Mighty went and started making thousands of punches and Light was blocking them only with 1 elbow and punching back.

“You arent not even astrong as a ant compared to me and my Bro Mighty?” Light said and he wasnt even using any moves agianst Mightys power warper just his regular punches and things. Light put his fist beahind his back and bent his elbo really fast and put his arm all the way around and then swinged it and went and it got so fast and hit Mighty in theface and Mighty tryed to block it but his arm got broken and Mighty said “ahhhhhh my arms” so Mighty got punched in the face and Light pucnhed Mighty in the face and Mightys face got punch busted and he said “ow my eye” and he fell but he unmade his fist back into a hand and grabbed Lights leg and was holding his leg as Kight was still going and flying.

Light noticed this and he looked at Mighty. He said “Mighty your a betrayer worse then trash.” and he took Mightys hand and took his hand off of his Leg and crunched his hand and Mighty shouted in hurtings. “Say hello in hell for me” Light said to Mighty and then he threwe Mighty really hard and he slammed the ground and rolled and skidded and smashed and was in blood. Than Light looked a head in the race to see whats going on?

Now the race was in a jungel from sonic adventure 2 white jungel. Shadow was going and vines and things and looking. “I dont mine these walls orany obstacles” Shadow said when he flipped over a thing and was going 100000 mph. Jet looked at him and said “Good hes separeated from his team gup guy. Wave lets start the plan.”

Wave pushed a buton and a gun came out of a tree and started shooting guns at Shadow. Shadow almsot got shot but he moved out the way and laughed and said “You thing you got me?” And Strom was being him and the guns were just a trick and Storm punched Shadow and Shadow put his arm and his other arm to block it butthe punch was so strong from drugs Shadow got hit thorough a giant tree and was in splinters and blood and got in the big water and was a giant splash and Jet took thechance to speed and go fast and he did a flipkick olly and into a big ring and got 1000 points and he saw a chaos emerald and said “hah nice moves” and grabbed it and went so fast every thing got all blury with lines and colors and now was in the speed demension.

Shadow yelled with the anger and power up and blast out the water and flew at Storm and swinged his arm punch up to Storms head and got him and knocked him and sended him spinning around and smashing into stuff and crunched on the ground. Shadow was breatheing like huhh huhh and he was wet from being in water and angry and in blood and had a giant wood stabbed in his leg and he used his finger’s to pull it out and yelled really loud in the pain and Wave was like “Woa” and she put her lap top and do something but Shadow did chaos warper and she was typeing on the kybord but thrre was no keyboard and Shadow crunched the computer and it was just dust and Wave had to run away and she went invsisible and Shadow didnt care and he went to go race against Jet.

Shadow started doing big moves and chaos warper and was in some seconds right next to Jet. Jets eyes got really big and said “Shadow that was our best plan you should be out the race now. That punch can” And Shadow dident let him finish talking and he interupted him before he could finnish his sentance so now you dont know what he was going to say and he punched Jet in the face and got him than he got around behind hom to look at the real Jet in 1 nano second sense he knew that was a decoy with his new move that can easey see decoy “I dont fall for the same trick more than a one time” and he saw the real Jet and e punched him in the face and a lot of blood came out of Jets face and Jet went outside and got ona tree and was smashed blody.

Shadow got a smile and said “Awsome” and Light was there and they hi fived and smiled and laughed. “Thanks for thehelp bro Mighty would of made that realy hard” Shadow said to Light who said back “Its not a problem now lets finish the race” but it wasent over yet becaus Metal Sonic was there and wanted to win the race.

— IIX The Metel Race —

Meal Sonic was flying with his jet plane and on his hover board and going 100000 mph and Light and Shadow both were also going 100000 mph and they were sides by sides racing and going. “You annimals arent going to win this race this is my race” and Light punched Metal Sonic but it didnt work and Light was suprised. Shadow said “Hes very hard to punch as he is made of titandium metel” and Metal Sonic shined.

Light and Shadow did a double punch in the same time and got Metal Sonics face and sparks came out and he was hurt and his neck got bended and Shadow said “Wow our doubel punch is really strong” and Light agreed. But a problem happened when Wave put a thing on Netal Sonic and the energy got in him and he started glowign really strong and power lightningish stuff started shooting out and he got big and had a bigger nose and ears and his legs got spikes and he had wing’s and horns like a deamon and was holdeing a stick with three sticks on it and started going 20000000 mph and made a big fire and big winds that blewed Shadow and Light back. Wave got on the back of Metal Sonic and said “So long sucker’s” and Light looked a Shadow and said “Lets do our moves” and Shadow said “ok” and he did chaos control and Light opent his mouth and put some airs in him to tealk loud and he said “ORDER ABANDON” the energy was opposite of chaoss control but more faster and stronger and the racing was so strong and Shadow and Light got to the front of them and Shadow did chaos warper punch and Light did a normal punch and they got them and Metol Sonic and wave bird landed on the ground in oil and blood (Metel Sonic oil Wave blood)

After this the race was pretty much one and Shadow and Light got to race relaxed and side by side just casaul just cool brothers racing as a team. “Thanks you for helping me to win the race” Shadow said and they were in the pumkin hill area now. “Yeah I love to help , my brother, its nice to be ah elper. Now you get to keep your wife Im happy about this” Light said with a freind smile.

Some  time later they were about at the finnish line back in the beach place and Shadow a head to get frist place and the most point’s too. But suddanly by suprise uaxpectedly without shadow thinking it was going to happend Light did Order Abandon and got to ahead of Shadow and went to ahead the finnish line and one the race instead of Shadow and got first place and was the winner. Shadow was shocked and didnd understand whas going on and he looked at Light and the crowd cheering and firework and lil color papers flying infront of Light and ballons and Vanilla came out and and grabbed Light and they started kissing and Shadow watched this and he fell on his knees and holded his head and said “I dont uderstand whats this my brother won not me??”

Jet Wave Swallow got to the finish line and were up set “Nooooo we couldnt catched up” Jet said and htey all got in the ground and looked at the ground and were up set. “Sorry boss I failured my punch wasnt enough to get him” Stirm said to Jet and Wave said “If they didnt team up would be no probllem Im sorry men”

Omochao said “Congradulations Light” and gave him the chaos diamond and it shined and he said to every one “Thanks you thanks you it is all good very good race nice try every one but I am the best racer”

Shadow in tears said “Light but you said you hate betrayers you you are sopposed to be my freind” and Light just had a laugh. “I olny said this so you would trust me. Your so tricked ahahahah.” and Dr Neggnog came out and grabbed Shadows chaos diamond. “Nice work Light my team up guy we got two chaos diamond’s only 3 more and we get all them” Shadow just closed his eyes and was on the floor cryign. But he heard a gun get loaded up with bullet’s and he opened and looked and saw Light had a gun and put it in the back of Storms head and was about to shoot him.

“What no. They are dick’s but they didnt kill anyone they arent bad guys” Shadow said and Light shaked his head and had a chuckel. “they are rude now they die” and he shot Storm in the head and he died and his dead bodey fell and looked at Jet and Jet said “NOOOOO STORM” and Shadow was shocked and looked at Light and said “you kill thjem???”

and then Light went and he shot Wave and she died and Jet was really iritated and then Light walked to in front of behind Jet and then Light looked at Shadow and said “You know as my gift to you sense you made me happy Ill let the green one live” and he put his gun away.

“My names jet you piece of a bitch” Jet said and then Light stepped on him and hurt him bad. Then he went and walked and grabbed Vinilla and said “Lets go get married now” and then they left and went gone and Shadow just on the ground thrashed and in cryings. Shadow said “What are these men planning there the most evil men I have ever seen more Evil than Darky more Evil then Metel Lord” and he was angrey and started to think about what to do.

— IX The New Teams —

Shadow put the shovel down and he had just buryed Wave and Storms grave at the cemitary after the funeral . Jet crying and upset looked and said “That that man Light took every thing away. My big race I was sopposed to win and get me self a nice wife and and a chaos diamond and be best racer” and he just cryed harder and got in the ground.

Shadow crossed his arms really cool and he looked at the grave and looked a Jet and he said. “Its real bad what these men are doing. I will have to stop their plans which are bad and going. All my wifes taken and CHAOS DIAMOND TOKEN TOO” and a giant tear came out of Shadows eye when he thoght about every thing.

Jet stopped a cry and he looked at Shadowe and said “I cant hlep you I am only a racer not a puncher or kicker” and Shadow said back “I will trian you. Jet you are  a weak baby now but you will be a strong man when we are finnished training.” and Jet said “But that man is the stongest hes a kille he killed my men easy like nothing” and Shadow punchded a grave and it broke and Shadow looked realy mad at Jet “Stupid Jet obvious If i tried to fought that man this day he would of killed me to. I would be in this same grave yard in deads and killed”

Jet got a fist and that made Shadow get a smile. “Lets beggin” Shadow said and Jet looked in Shadow’s eye and was ready to start the trains. They trained for a year and it was a lot of training and Vector died in the hospital from the injeries in the race.


After the wedding Light at the dinner time in his house said to Vanilla his wife “Btich wheres my dinners” and Vanila in servent clothes that Light made her wear came in the room with a plate with a steak and things cooked on it with an knife an fork in on the plate and put the plate infront of Light and Light looked at it. He dident like it and said “Not a meal” and threw it out a window AND HE POUNCHED VANILLAS FACE and Vanilla fell down and was hurt mediumly and was in crying and said “Im sorry my new hosband pleas I will cook another food for you what do you you want for a dinner” and Light threw a chair and it broke in the wall and he had a tear and he said “Im not hungrey now I dont want any dinner why Im not happy I have the the things Shadow had why Im not happy like my brothe”

Dr Neggnog came in the front door very serious very strong like a business guy and he has a gun hand and walked in and got in side and he looked at Light and he said to Light. “Youwill be happy when we kill the world. We need just to get the 7 Chaos Diamonds. With there power we wont be unrespected”

“Your right” Light said and had a laugh.

“No Light. You wont be happy you will be even more sad and not so good if you kill the world” Vanilla said and Light and Dr. Neggnog didnt listen and they went walking to go for 1 year to prepare for there plan.


Shadow and Jet punched eachothers fists and Jet fell down and was not as strong as Shadow and Shadow noticed this.

“Jet we have trained for a year sense we dont have that much time sense the bad guys are makig a plan and we have to stop that quickley so not a lot of years like would be probally best so and and now your not as strong as me but still pretty good” and Jet said “yea”

“They have 4 chaos diamond’s we need toget the other 3 before they do” Shadow said to Jet and Jet agreed. Jet got in his hover bord and started flying and doing moves and punching and looking tough. “Wheres the chas diamonds Shadow” Jet asked to Shadow and Shadow said “Dumb ass if we knew this we would got them all ready we have to go on a adventure to find them” and so they did.


Dr Neggnog took a giant drink out a cup of wine and looked really mad and helooked at Light and said “Light our plans been getting ready a year were ready to get the chaos diamonds” and Light said “Yes I did allot of stuff in the year” and Neggnog looked and thought about it and said “What did you did?” and Loght said “Frist of all I brain washed Banilla now she will kill” and she walked out and she is wearing a blakc suit and she had a gun holstored in her side and a giant knife and a neck lace like the one Black Doom wear’s and she looks not freindly and has a fist ready to punch and gave a kiss to Light’s mouth. “With the chaos diamonds we got all ready I can brain wash people and make them strong fighters who can kill” and Vanila threw a knife and it went bulls eye in a target and she got a smile and sid “We work otgether to kill the world” and her eye looked like diamonds.

“Good thats it?” Neggnogs said.

“No” Light said and then Sonic was there and he had a jerk smile. “Thanks for getting me back to livings. I owe you one.” Sonic said to them with his mouth. “Ahhhhhh tose Chaos Diamonds you got a are really strong huh men?” he said.

“You owe us more then one Neggnog said. Youll help us killthe world” and Sonic was like no.

“I hate Shadow like you guy’s but im a good guy I dont kill people. Sorry but no deal” and Shadow started going to go and not be in there.

“We can get Tails back in living too” Light said and Sonics eyes got  realy big. “Tails my Tails pal?” Sonic said and he looked a his hands and he was shaking and than he made a fist out of his hands.  He looked a real serous and he was sad and mad and looked angerly at them. “yea” and he joined there side.

Light said “After you prooven your self to us we will bring Tails back i guess. The chaos diamonds can bring back in living but its not as good as Darkys power they have to re charge like batterys it takes a year to do it Sonic” and Sonic said “Thats realy strong and with those you can boss any body with that power even me the fasttest coolest blue in town. Yiu can build a army of tough men like me and others. Whats my job boss?”

“Search the chaos diamonds we dont no where they are. Brig them to me you stupid roddant” Neggnog said and Sonic went to go on a adventure to find those.

— X The Meating —

The President was in his office doing a phone call and was talking to some one very imporntat. “Yes yes we will be doing a lot of laws and things. The country willbe increased by over 30%. Good yes. Wait whats going on in here whos that in my office here” and it was Light and he was in the office looking at the president.

“Weres my gaurds?” the president asked everyone and then Light put the guy in a suit on the floor afront of The President and the guy was dead so he was a dead body on the floor and Light killed him a few seconts ago. “What person are you??? Shadow? no your not Shadow? how did you get here whats going on!”

“My name is Light the Hedgehog. Im the one and olny ultimate life form. With the power of the chaos diamons I can get in any places even with full security like you’re office Mr President now we have allot to discuss”

The Presedent went for his gun in his desk but Light grabed it and he grabed the presidents hand and broke it and he yelled in hurt. “my bones!?” The preisident said out loudly.

“Not friendly you pathetic human. One more a move like this you are dead” and the president looked realy scared. “Whwt is it what do you want” and Light got a smile.


Big the Hat drove his motocycle and he has a scar on his face like a big scar he got fighting and killing a man with a sword. He had on his back a giant gun machine gun with a lot of bullets over 10000 bullets and he can kill and he has his fishing rod and a black jacket with Froggy on it. Ever sense Froggy died things arent the same and he doesnt like Shadow and he does aventures and thigns and he found a book and it said the chaos diamonds can get things back in livings and he got a box and he looked at the box and pickd up the box and looked at the box and he opend the box in the box he saw shining really shiny a chaos diamond and he said “Just 1 more little buddy”


Shadow and Jet got to Shadows house in the wods which is now full dust becaus Shadow havent been there. The picutre of Shadow Vanilla and the pitcure of Shadow Cram was on the ground in the house on the floor broke in glass and Shadow got a sad tear and he had a flash back of his old livings in the home and was Vanila there and she had a smile and said “We we have a perfected mirage. this a happy life we have here you are loved by vanilla” and Shadow was upset “Whats the here Shadow?” Jet said. Shadow just went around and he looked and he thoght about every thing and he looked and got to the floor and he punchd the dust off the floor and he pickd up the floor and their was a little place and he got in there and picked up a box and opend it and it was the chaos sappires. They shiend and Shadow said “I was keeping these for a time like this time.” Jet said “But we need chaos diamonsd?” and Shadow said “Yea these are really strong stronger then the chaos emralds and and but not asa strong as the chaos diamonds” and Jet made a fist and Shadow made a fist  and they put the fists on top and around eachother and Shadow said “We start are adventure this day and we get those and we GET LIGHT IN A GRAVE YARD”

They went out side and JEt looked at the old apple tree which was big now and he got a apple and he said “A lot stuff happend eh Shadow” and Shadow said “Yes and more things will happen. It will be a fight. I bet thy have a big plan ready with a lot of things. Probably a lot of team up guys and a army and robots and with the chaos diamond’s they have they are unkillable. Jet most likely we will both dieor one of us die in this fight. Jet all your bone’s will get broke a gallon of blood willget out of you. a lot of punches will happn to you and you willbe shot with guns?” and Jet said “yea i know” and t hey looked and were getting ready to go.

They went on a adventure weeks and had to look in a lot of places and fight some men. Jet almost died in a fight but he punched just in time was a winer but they didnt get any chaos diamonds but Shadow found a new gun wich has two shooter parts and will shot two guns atthe same time. The got to oil ocean from sonic 2 and Shadoe said “It might be in there under the oils” and Jet looked and said “Man thats a lot work to get under their” and Shadow turned the TV on and it showed the news and and the President was on TV and he had shiny diamonds eyes and Shadow noticed this and said “Light brain washed the president” and Jet was like “woah!?”

President said “Well come our new president Dr Neggnog amd vice president Light” and Dr Neggnog came out and he looked really angery and he had his gun hand point at the camera and Light was there really awsome cool standing aside him. “I have a announcement to make? Im not the president now and he got out a granade and then he said “The world will be killed look in the sky” and Shadow looked at the sky and he saw a meteor with an L on it for Light shooting down to the planet and “what impossible”.

The news showed Station Square and the meteor went down and exploded it and it killed station square and every person in station square and all were dead in there and a dead burnd skull came out a burned bulding and got right in front of the news camrea and the news guy said “ohh  no thats a dead head” and Light started laugheing really loud. “The chaos diamonds have have the power to take meteor in space and shoot it in the planet. With their full power we will kill the world ahahahahah” and the President said “Yes all the citys in the world will get killed. Thats just the first one next will be the city from sonic adventure 2. After, we explode grand metropolis and then westopolis and then soleanna then after spagonia also after that then we kill city from sonic froces. Then to kill any person still survived after this there will be alaw passed for every person has to kill them self” than the granade exploded and the presient explodes and died and went into ash and the news just went to Neggnogs face staring angry and that’s it.

“My brothers gone too far” Eggman said since he was there. “I want to takeover the world not kill it. He destroys station square and not wants to build any Neggnogland on it? Shadow Ill join you and be your team up guy again. Lets get the chaos diamond I have robot subarines that can go under the oils and look for it” and Shadow agreed and Jet agreed and Eggman agreed.

— 11 The Real Fight Beggins —

The subarine came out the oils and it had a robo hand and the robo hand was holding a shinny thing and the thing was a chaos gem and the chaos gem was was THE CHAOS DIAMOND and Jet was like “oh my god finally” and Shadow went to go grab that but Sonic jumped out the oil and grabbed the chaos diamond and Shadow didnt grab the chaos diamond. Sonic landid on a plat form on his feet and said to every one “Nice one thanks for getting it to me” and he went to go leaving and but Shadow was afront of him and Jet beind him and Eggman in his thing looking oserving whats this happened.

“Sonic you give that here. I dont know how are you alive but i dont care and i wont even wait 30 seconds before i kill you over this dont you even know whats happening Lights killing the world” and Sonic just said “I told you shadow i dont even watch the news how would i know whats happened?” and then started thrown the chaos diamond up and down on his hand and catching it and throwen it and catchen it and then he but his arm out with chaos dimdond and said “SPEED WARPER” and there was a lot of blue and he went sooo fast and he punched Shadow in his face who went backward fromthe punch and landed in oil and started going under the oil really deeply. Jet said to sonic “been a long a time that i havent seen you and you havent seen me blueman. lets settle are score for last” and Jet made not only 1 fist but he made 2 fists and was in punching mode standign with his fists both ready to start punching. Sonic also got in puncher mode and was moving around one fist with chaos diamond other fist for punching. “You dont stand a ghost of a chance Jet. less then a ghost not evan a skeleton of a chance” and so they fought.

Jet used his training to punch Sonic and got his stomack and Sonic got punched becaus Shadow is so good ad training and was like “ough” and air came out his mouth and he holded his stomack and he bended over and was on the floor like uhh uhhh and Jet just smiled and laugh. “Hah hahh thats your best fighting Sonic? Giveup and hand it over and then we wont kill you unless Shadow wants to kill you he is incharge but i will tell him to probly not kill you?” and Sonic got mad and went max power and turned into Super Sonic and went at Jet but Shadow was GIGA MEGA SHADOW and came flyign out the oil and blocked Sonics kick punch and punched him back but then Vanilla was there and she throwed a big knife at Shadow and Shadow looked and Sonic punched Shadow while he wasent looking and he went back 10.5 miles and went over the tops of the oils afront of Vanilla and Vanilla had the master sapphire and she said the thing you say from sonic adventure and sonic adventure 2 “The servers are the seven chaos. Chaos is the power power inriched bythe heart. The controller is the thing that unifes the chaos. Olny you can do this… STOP THE CHAOS SAPPIRES” and Shadow turned back into Shadow and he looked a Vanilla and was realy sad and up set and saw about this and that Light had did a thing that was not so good.

“My wife is not my wife. My freinds all dead or agianst me. Betrayered by my brother that I thoght was a nice man. But I wont giveup i am a surviver. ” and

Vanilla shaked her head smug and smiled rude said “Shadow is not any hope now. Love is nothing is a just a idea man has formed out of a trash. A illuson like hats made by the phantom ruby from sonic forces we all ways have had nothing and theirs nothing to en joy in this world that is actual our life we lived together was a lie the hole universe is just trash and one day their will be nothing in the world or galaxy or universe just dust in the space no stars no moons no suns nothing. My heart isent a dimond it is a coal blackend by the world the world that i am helping kill and make all the all in the world just a bunch o bones and rocks and fire that that will be the olnly thing and it cant be stopped any. Its destind like the clock all ways goes in a circel the same as how love is in a circle start at 0 go to 0 its meaning less. We are were happy but not really deep down sad very sad. joy of the world we cellebrate happy times have wedding and joy and laughes but after we look in the stars in the moons in the sky and we just know its just nothing no worth any thing and all will be in dust after all. the funeral is the truth of are world. thats the only only place that is truth. remeber haloween we had a pumkin? a lie pumkin it was smileing but we know what really happend…. thats a dead pumkin we kill it and take out the in sides of it thats not a smile pumkin its sad and dead and now Shadow shadow we do to the world about whats that we did with the pumkin. remeber after out afront our house we keep thos pumkin with the fake smile onthe front? yes it rotted and in dead we threw in the trash. thats the world thats our love. Big stone rocks will come out the sky by our true Light of theworld the man the real light the true guy he shows us teache us that the worlds just a big dead coffin with a skelleton bone in it.” and when she finished saying she got out her katana and Dhadow noticed a tiny tear came out her eye. He didnt have nothing to say and was to fight her and proove her that she is not correct.

Shadow jumped and went and got a punch out of his fist and gave it to Vanila who blocked it with her ear and then swinged her katana at Shadow and he had to punch it away and then try a kick which didnt work. Vanilla powerd up and went and started cutting at shadow and got him and got him and made a X on his chest and a lot of blood came out of his chest from being cut and Shadow went back and saw vanilla glowing really powerfule by the chaos diamond which has the power to give some body a lot power.


Super Sonic started punching Regular Jet and Jets not has any chaos emeralds or nothing so hes just full normal and is getting punched really bad and blood going out of him and Super Sonic used his power move and a Jets ribs got broke and he was like “nooooo” and fell on the groud really hert. Sonc stepped on Jets arm who got in pains and said “Thats my arm your standing in” and Sonic started punching Jets arm and hurting it. “I I kill you Jet you stay out this” and Jet said “why work for those men? they got wave and strom both killed they are doing bad stuff Sonic” and sonic all ready knew that and he said “you woudent understand you didnt loose your best pal in the world a two tailed budy” and started punching Jets arm over and over really fast and Jet remebered back in his training a flash back and Shadow was there with Jet and Shadow said to jet “back years back i had to fight two super guys allone and thats not fair and but theres a move you can do” and Jet did the move and won the fight with Sonic and Sonci fell on the ground and dropped chaos diamond and was back to normal Sonic and Jet said “i did it” and but his arm was hurt so bad he couldent pick up the chaos dimond and Eggman said “ohhohoh my chance” and he went and got the chaos diamond and Jet withonly one eye opn said “nooo come back hear” but Egg man ignored and went to go leave.


Shadow used chaos warper and shot his gun at Vanila who went to dodge it but Shadow shot the gun to miss on purpos and she didnt notice and moved in front of the bulet and had to block it with her katana and then Shadow punched her and took the katana and he had to stab her with it in the stomack and was very bloddy and Shadow was really sad and looked a Vanila and she looked at Shadow and her eyes wer back normal and not brain washed and she looked at Shadow with her normall eyes but they wernt normal eyes they were cryign eyes full of so many tears like a whole cup of tears and she said “Ime ime sorry Shadow. I olny went with this becaus i knew there was a bad thing happeening and you needed motivations to join the race which was importent but i didnt wont you to be so trashed and sad and i dident know i would get killed about this” and Shadow said “i know” and Vanillas eyes closed and she fell and Shadow got crying.

— 12 All Coming Togehter —

Shadow got up from being on the ground since Vanilla was on the ground. He rubbed the tears off his face and he went and looked and was looking really mad about Light. Egg man came in and he holded the chaos diamond. “i got this we have a deal i can have for an week Shadow” and Shadow said “nice job I keep our deal Egman but i need that to fight and kill Light give here I give back later” and Eggman was really mad “You are over a year late you were sopposed to win the race i want my human body back right now Shadow” and Shadow took the chaos diamond and punched Eggman and he fell down. “Stupid egg man if i dont win the fight your body will just be a dust.” and he took eggmans robo arm he has left and bended it and eggman yelled “Thats hurting” and Shadow said “I KEEP OUR DEAL STOP WINNING” and Robotnk said “Shadow you a are right. We sopposed to team up and get them” and Jet said “shadow i beat sonic But I am hurt bad” and his arm was fully thrashed. “suck in up Jet now we have to do the real fight” and Shadow got a match and made a fire to burn down libary then they went to find the next chaos diamond.

Shadow got in his big pick up truck with giant buppers and tall wheel thing’s and its black and red like shadow and spikes and things and started driving it and Jet and Eggman follow in the air. He put the chaos diamnd in the dashbord to make it go realy fast and started driving like crazy going quick to go and find the chaos diamond. Shadow got on the walky talky and talked to Eggman and Jet “our informations says we have to go this way to find it” and then they saw a army tank with a whole bunch of soldiers around it and they comeing towards them. The tank shot a giant bullet at Shadow and he had to take the chaos dimond and jump out the truck and it exploded and Shadoew got out his gun and started shooting and he had to kill all the army guys and blow up the tank.

“Whats going on this is lunatic?” Jet said and Shadow said “Lights the president now he can tell the army to kill us we can only do nothing about that” and Shadow was in the place where the dark library is and he went in and it was abanddonded ever sense the man in there died. Jet said “WHATS THS PLACE” and Shadow picked up a book and it said where the chaos diamond was and got a smile and he used chaos warper to take him and Jet there. It was the msster emerald shrine and Shadow went over and he picked up the master emerald and he saw a memory it was Knuckles and he said “Shadow. This is my last message left in side the master emerald. You are a full piece of trash since you killed me but now the world needs you the chaos gems needs you. check the hidden spot and theres a chaos diamond” and shadow found it and picked it up and he feeled so much power. There was 500 army solders around them and started shooting guns but Shadow looked and did chaos warper and every thing died and went into dust. “This power Jet i am becoming a Blood Man…..” Shadow said to Jets face and Jet was looking scared.

Shadow had the chaos diamond’s in his hands and so much power was going in his body eh was getting so strong and also he had the chaos sappires which are back full power and going and getting him really strong. “Only 1 more out there Jet what do you think about that” and Jet said “m arm hearts”

— 13 Brother vs Borther —

Shadow and Jet went quickley to the big mansion where the last chaos diamond is and its in a safe and its full dust and cornwebs the owner of mansion was back in living in 1830 and a collactor of rare gem’s but have no family and just live alone with money and thing’s and so died in there after hea went on a big aventure and got the chaos dimond and had to kill some men. Shadow got to the safe and saw the mans skeleton next to it and he pushed it away and went to go punch the safe but a magic sheild blocked his punc hand Jet said “thats a magic safe shadow theres no way even at max power you can punch it i will have to use my theif skills that i have since i am a babylon rouge to get it” and Jet put his ears on the safe and started turning it and Shadow said “hurry Jet” and Jet was taking time because its a really hard safe “Jet faster” and Jet was getting really sweated and tryign really hard and then when he opend the safe Light came out of a dark room and had a smile and looked and said “You got it open for me good as I planned” and Shadows eyes got really big “You barstard you little punk” and he went to punch him but then Light used orer abandon and had the chaos diamond in the safe and tehy were in a giant mansion room with chandler and big carpets and dinners table with painting of the man in his suit. Light got so much power in him and he started laughing and Shadow went to go start punching him and Light was blocking those and punching back and bustd Shadow and Shadow fell and got into a book shelf and broke it and was on blood.

Light went to next to Shadow and stared kicking him and Jet tryed to help but it didnt work and Jet kicked Shadoiw like 50 times in the head and body and legs and arms and Shadow was getting really badly hurt. Jet went full strenth and went to punch Light with his strongest training punch and it got him and Light was slightly distacted by it and said “good punch but now you have up set me” and he punched Jet and Jet got punched so hard it was like world changeing and Jet was on the ground smashed and bloddy and Light went back to punching Shadow some more who was getting beat and tryeing to get up but Light was so fast and strong he was kicking him a round like a ball in sports time and he was about to kill Shadow.

Light started laughing and Dr Neggnog came out and he took a smoke out a cigar pipe and he looked angery and said “No Light we must make this really good we woill do this. His best freind will kill him” And Mighty came out and had a smile and but he was wearing his hat and Shadow saw the hat and got a tiny little micorscopic smile and it was so small a smile nobodey noticed and Mighty walked to next to Shadow and made a fist and he had the chaos rubys and he went on a whole aventure to get those in the past 2 years and he turned into POWER MIGHTY and he was going to punch Shadow and but then Mighty suddanly punched Neggnog in the head and busted his head really bad and he went in blood and Shadow got some smirk said “i was expecting Mighty to come to to help me he is a good guy he wold never full betray me” and Mighty said “yea shadow i thoght about it and i know this are bad  guys and you are the best freind i have had ever” and Dr Neggnog had to run away to go to the hospital but when he got in Mighty threw an orb and blew up the hospital. “You are dead you piece of egg” Mighty said to him.

But this was a distaction and Light took the chaos dimonds from Shadow when he wasent looking and so much power was there it was crazy adn the mansion turned into Lights mansion and the paintigns turned into ones of Light (this is one of the chaos diamonds powers) and Light had so much power and he powered up and turnd into God Light and Light turned the TV on and showed Shadow a meteor come down and blow up the city from sonic adventure 2 and shadow said “NOOOOOO” and Light said “I kill every thing” and Shadow powered max up and turned into OMEGA HYPER QUANTUM SHADOW and went at Light and wantd to punch him but his punch went and Mighty went to the sides of Shadow and they did a double punch but Light blocked it really easy and punched both Shadow and Mighty and they went back and now the room was really big like bigger than a werehouse and Shadow and Mighty slammd acrosst the groudn and were hurt really bad but thats not all and Light was next to Shadow and piced Shadow up and started squeesing his neck Shadow punched Lights hand with so much power it could kill a planet but it didnt work and then JEt saw this and looked at it and he got up and he knew what he had to do and he went and did his move to stop super guys when he is a regular guy and he had to do this move with his broken arm which hurt really bad and all his bone’s in his arm turned into dust and he said “aaaaaahggh” and but it worked and Light was weekend for asecond and it gave a chance of Shadow and Mighty to do a really good punch and got him and he fell down and was not hurt at all and laughed and was shining with so much Light and the chandiler in the room was really big and glowing like a galaxy in space and Light threw a fancyu plate at Mighty and it went and sliced him in the face and 1/2 gallon of blood came out and Mighty said “ow my eye” and fell and was about to die and Shadow looked at the TV and saw a giant meteor coming to the planet it was 10x the size of the planet it would kill every one except Light.

“Light how can you be this evil. You are not my friend you are a not my brother even” and Light didnt care and said “Shadow friend and brother isnt anything. Just word’s in the books. Shadow dont talk me you are first cuckolded by me now you are killed by me” and then he ran and did the strongest punch and Shadows eyes got really scared and he knew he was going to die over this but he got a idea and he got his gun and put the full power of the chaos sappires into it and the chaos sappires turned into grey and he turned bakc to normal shadow nad he shot the gun and the bullet went and went through lights fist and wnet throughLights arm and his body and was a lot of blood and Shadow looked and saw Espio and said “just in time” and Espio had the master diamond which he had turned Light back from god light into normal light right when Shadow shot his bullet and he said to Light “we knew you were watching every thing I wasn’t never dead that was my ninja move we planned this fully” and he shot Light in the head and he died but some thing bad happned and Light had used his god powers before this to make a 2nd god light and it was behind Shadow and he kicked Shadow and broke a lot of his bones and Espio was like “oh shit”

God Light looked at the regular Light on the floor in blood and said “Its a good thing i knew you might do this then i did this move” and he went next to Espio really fast who was trying to use master diamond again and he did a punch byut Power Mighty did his stronger punch and punched God Light and he was moved back for a tiny time for Espio to do a ninja move and say “Thanks Mighty now i use my ninja moves to excape” but Light was way to fast and he kicked Mighty on the floor and went and got in front of Espio and took the master diamond and smashed it and the pieces went every where like how the master emerald does and he laughed.

Shadow on the ground thrashd just stared at the floor and was in defeated and in crying and said “hes too strong” But he saw a book on the floor from the book shelf and he opend it with his arm thats not broken and it was a book about how to defeat the chaos diamodns and he got a smile and he did his new move BALANCE CONTROL and God Light turned to Light and was like “how what” and Shadow was now PREMIUM SHADOW and wetn and punched Light really hard and he fell on the ground in blood and broken bones and things and Shadow punched him in the face and he got out his gun and looked at Light now who was defeated and crying and sad and Shadow loaded the gun up with a bullet to kill him with and he thought about things and had a sad tear and he said “Light your just like me… like me if i never had got to meet Maria and Cream rabbit and every thing that made me a good guy” and then he shot Light in the head and he died and the mansion went back normal and the meteor went gone and Shadow fell down tired and had finally won and ended this nightmare.

—14 Epillog —

Shadow walked to the cemetary with the chaos diamonds. Shadow to to Creams grave and put the chaos diamonds and they glowed with the power and got Cream back to livings and she was there and she said “Whats going on what happened” and Shadow said “Cream you are killed by metal sonic but now after a lot of years i finally got you back in livings” and Cream said “wow a lot of things have happened thats really amazing” and they hugged and did a kiss. But some thing unexpecting happened and Vanilla was there and her stomack had bandadges all around it and she was alive and she said “My doughter alive thats great” and they hugged and Shadow was shocked and confused and he said “Both cream and vanilla both in living? But now who do I marry what do i do” and they both looked at him and he was like “oh no”

and Jet was there with a cast on his arm and he said “Shadow my men? I want my men back in livings.” and Shadow crossed his arms really cool and had a smile and said “That all was your fault you started all it. Sorry but these chaos diamond’s are mine you have a consequence for what you did now” and Jet looked sad and went to go on a adventure. Mighty was there and he said Shadow said “Thanks Mighty you helped” and Mighty and Espio said “it was the right thing to do”

Big and Froggy watched the sun set now that Froggy is revived by the chaos diamonds now that Shadow has them.

Shadow looked at cream and looked at vanill and he said “I dont know what to do” and then he said “Will both you marry me?” and they said “YES” and they all did a big hug and then there was a really happy wedding and Knuckles back to livings was the preist and he said “By the power invested by the master emerald I pronounce you man and wife and wife” and they did a kiss and it was really good. Shadow was a smile man now and things were really good. All the problems solved but a lot of people died also. People were thinking about the future including Shadow but for now it was the time with his wifes and the best life he always wanted.

THE END…………. for now

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