DR. GOLD regrets to announce that he will be CONCEDING the UNITED STATES PRESIDENCY. It has been a LUCRATIVE and ENLIGHTENING campaign, but as of today, DR. GOLD has REALIZED that VICTORY has not been achieved.

DR. GOLD would like to EXTEND his thanks to his many SUPPORTERS who sent CASH. Supporters who did NOT send CASH will NOT receive THANKS unless they send CASH IMMEDIATELY.

DR. GOLD would also like to take this time to detail THE POLITICAL FUTURE OF DR. GOLD and make some COMMENTS about the results of the ELECTION as well as some GREAT DR. GOLD DEALS IN YOUR AREA! Send CASH to DR. GOLD!


The WINNER, Donald J. Trump has NARROWLY defeated DR. GOLD. This SHAMEFUL and DEVASTATING result spells HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE times for AMERICA.

Donald J. Trump is a SCAM ARTIST CON MAN quite unlike DR. GOLD! He has amassed a massive amount of STOLEN SCAMMED CASH from the American people. He is not to be TRUSTED like DR. GOLD. DR. GOLD is TRUSTED SOURCE IN FIELD while DONALD TRUMP is UNTRUSTED SOURCE IN FIELD.

The IGNORANCE of the American people DISAPPOINTS DR. GOLD. Are they not aware of the amazing DEALS DR. GOLD can offer? DR. GOLD’S MONEY DOUBLING SERVICE alone would REVITALIZE THE ECONOMY! Trump has NO SUCH DEAL!  It’s a no-brainer!

Send CASH to DR. GOLD for amazing DEALS!

DR. GOLD 2020

DR. GOLD is not RULING OUT a possibility of a 2020 run. As HINDSIGHT IS 20/20 perhaps America will REALIZE ITS MISTAKE and elect DR. GOLD for U.S. PRESIDENT IN 2020!

If DR. GOLD gets enough CASH he will run again! Partake in some amazing DR. GOLD deals to help FUND DR. GOLD’S political ambitions!

While DR. GOLD’s candidacy is not yet confirmed, every person should DONATE to the DR. GOLD PAC. DR. GOLD is building a WAR CHEST to CRUSH his political enemies with CASH! Send CASH to DR. GOLD! Always accepting donations from LARGE CORPORATIONS!


DR. GOLD is now offering GREAT NEW DEALS for your post-election needs!

  • NEW DR. GOLD’S MAGA (Make America Gold Again) HAT! Show your support for the DR. GOLD and GOLD STANDARD with this DR. GOLD hat! Completely ORIGINAL slogan coined by DR. GOLD himself, this one-of-a-kind HAT will show TRUE PATRIOTISM and RESISTANCE against the UNSCRUPULOUS Donald Trump! Send your CASH and TRUST to DR. GOLD!
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  • DR. GOLD SWAMP DRAINER! Donald Trump will NOT drain your swamp! During the TRUMP Presidency, your SWAMP will be DAMP and STAGNANT! Use the DR. GOLD SWAMP DRAINER to PUMP YOUR ENTIRE SWAMP with patented DR. GOLD technology! Send CASH to DR. GOLD RIGHT NOW!
  • DR. GOLD MANUFACTURING JOBS! Tired of being SAD and UNEMPLOYED? Trump will not give you jobs! You can only trust DR. GOLD with this task! Send CASH to DR. GOLD and he will RETURN YOUR MANUFACTURING JOBS! With his DR. GOLD secret job techniques, YOUR AREA’S manufacturing jobs will TRIPLE OVERNIGHT! Send CASH to DR. GOLD!

Stay tuned for more DEALS and an ARTICLE about DR. GOLD’s support for the GOLD STANDARD and GIVING ALL THE GOLD TO DR. GOLD!

Send CASH to DR. GOLD!

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