Shadow Infenety – Volume 2

VOLUME TWO IS THE EPICEST CONTINUE OF THE STORRY. If you have not had already readed part one it is this link

Shadow Infenety Volume 1

— I—

Shadow looked at Darky angerly.

“We are true enemys” Shadow told him and that only made Darky smile back at Shadow and that made Shadow real mad. Sonic with evil read eyes went after Shadow with SONIC speed and went real fast due to this and started going adn making punches and Shadow was blockin those and Darky looked this and laughed at it

“You kill a enemy and it becomes my friend” Darky told Shadow and Shadows got angrily upset and he shot his gun at Sonic and Sonil was shot by bulet getting him and he fell and was dead.

“Foun the meaning ive been searching for for so long” Shadow told himself now that he learned about what he needs to do which is to kill Darky his enemy.  But Darky was not angry or mad that Shadow killed Sonic and he used his bad power to make Shadow come back to livings and fight Shadow.

“You can do this many times!? Impossible exlain whats going on!” Shadow asked Darky and Darky said “yes if a person is dead 10000 times  I can bring back alive 100000 times” and Shadow got mad and said “i must kill you then” and he went to go kill Darky but Sonic grabbed Shadows legs with his legs and he couldnt run and Sonic started punchin Shados stomack over nad over and the blood came out of Shadow and Darky walaked up to Shadow and said “Geuss what Shadow i will marry Cream rabbit and you do nothing about it” and Shadow head   buted Darkys face with his head and it got him and Darky was hurt a little but he only laughd at it and told Shadow “good one shadow but now i will do tis to you” and he punched Shadow real hrd and it got him real hard and Shadow almost got kill from the punch and then Darky took Shadow and threw him real hard to the ground and he said “you finish this” to Sonic and then Darky opened a door that came out of nowhere and then was in the door and then the door closed and then the door was gone and Shadow tryd to shot his gun at it but it missed because it was not there and he bullet couldnt get it.

Sonic grabbed Shadows arm that was holdign the gun and he bended it real hurtingly and it hurt Shadow.  Then Shadow had to punch Sonic in the face and Sonic let go and the shot the gun. The bullet came zooming out of the gun and it went to get Sonic but he ran away faster then the bullet and it didnt kill him.

“Sonic you stupuid dead hedgehog you were killed all ready just go back to death” and Sonic didnt agree with that and he kicked Shadow real hard and then Sonic went to go open a coffin. Soniv opened the coffin and Tails came out of the coffin with evil red eyes .Sonic and tails looked a each other and were about to team up to fight Sahdow and now Shadow now had to fight both Sonic and Tials and Tails went to Shadow and was using his tails to atack Shadow and they were like swords which was probally due to Darkys power and tails cut shadow and the blood was coming out of the cut due to the fact that the cut injured Shadows body.

“I have to stop his power” Shadow told everyone and he got hisp ower punch ready and he punched Tailss tail and it stopped it than he kicked Tails down on ground and then he punched the other tail which stopped that tail but Sonic was a sneak man and got to the back of Shadow and hit him with a chair and it got him. The chair broken into a millon pisces and Shadow fell and then he had to shoot the gun out of the gun and it almost got Sonic but Mighty jumped out and punched the bullet and Shadow was shocked.

“Triple men versus Shadow” Shadow told Mighty. “you work with the evil people Mighty how does it feel ass whole?”

Mighty said “Sonic and Tails are goodguys not like you. You are unfreindly and a killer. You killed all the freinds I had and almost got me dead?” Mighty asked Shadow.

“Yes” Shadow told Mighty. “But I am a good guy now and we have to kill Darky” and Mighty agreed and he punched Sonic in the head and it busted his head like it exploded and the blood was everyhwhere and Sonic’s head was compleetley destroyed head!!! Nothing left.

Shadow looked at this and said “Wow Mighty you will be a strong team up guy for me to have” and Mighty agreed with this.

But they for got Tails and Tails went to fight Shadow and Mighty but Mihgty did a flip punch and got Tails in the arm and got his arm off and then Shadow got the gun at Tails and it killed him.

“we have to kll Darky” Mighty told Shadow.

“Yes I agree but we are not powerful enogh this is not his true power we have to get all the chaos sapphres and go full power and get him” and Shadow got the chaos sapphre finder and said “we will get all them it wont be hard with us team up to get it” and then they went on theyre adventure to look for those.

— II —

Shadow n Might went to turn on the chaos sappire finder and saw that it was not a working chaos sappire finder.

“It must of broke in the fightin” Shadow said and Mighty said “how we can find them without the finder this is impossible we might ass well kill our selfs”

Shadow punched Mighty in thre face and Mighty said “ow my eye” and shadow SAID “Stupuid mighty I have a freind planned for a time like this but it will not be a good time she is a tresuare hunter who likes jewls like the chaos sappires and things”

Mighty smiled and laughed and said “haha Shadow you are a good team up guy with more team up guys who can help us beat the bad guys”

Shadow taked out his sell phone and made a call to person. Rogue the bat answered phone and Shadow tlaked at her “Rogue we need youre help to beat a new bad guy we search the chaos asapphires” and Rogeu said “No problem Shadow but you will have to share those after you hurt and kill the bad guy” and Shadow agreed and said “I agree” and Roguu said “i will be your team up guy i have a chaos sappire finder we can find all them with it” and Shadow was glad

“we will meet at the bury place of Knuckles you know where it is?” Shadow aked and Rogeu said “Yes” and Shadow hung off the phone and looked at Mighty who was building a fist and looked ready to go. “You look ready?” Shadow asked Mighty and Mighty just smiled and looked at Shadow “I will punch Darky in his facve that man will pay for what he did”

So Shadow and Mighty went to the bury place of Knuckles together since they are team up guys. “I am glad you are a freind now Shadow” Mighty told Shadow. “You wont kill our friends like Knuckles and Espio now” and Shadow said “yea” and then Rogue screemed for help and was in danger and Vector with evil red eyes had her and was holding her and hurting her and grabbing her and was almost to kill here and Shadow said “Victor you stop!” and Mighty said “he has been brunged back to livings by Darky he will not listen” and Shadow saw this ant noticed it and then he got out his gun and Vector holded Rogue up like a sheild and Shadow couldnt shot and he said to Mighty “we will have to punch him” and Mighty said “yes” and he went to go punch Vector.

Mighty went and made a punch but Vector blockwd it and punched Mighty back really hard and Mighty smashed onto a tree and the tree broken anmd Mighty fell into 100 trees and all broke and Vector shooted his teeth out like missils and they got Mighty and Shadow noticed this and was shocked and maybe Mighty was dead

“You are much more powerfull withj the power of Darky” Shadow told Vector and then Bector threw Rogye on the ground really hard and she was kncokd out and Shadow had to fight Vector 1 on 1 and then he went to go punch Vecotr but it didnt work and Vector got Shadow in the arm with his tail which was now sharp like a sword knife and it got Shadow’s blood out and then Vector kickd Shadow really hard and Shadow went and fell back to the back of the ground and pain was happening on Shadow and Vector did not care and started stepping on Shadow and Shadow was hurting and then he grabbd Vectors leg and threwn him away and then Shadow got out his gun and shot Vecotr BUT VECTOR COUGHT THE BULET and then Shadow was suprised by this and went to go fight Vector some more.

— III —

Shadow punched Vector a lot of times and it was getting Vector and Vector was hurt and shadow said “How do you like my punch moves Vector? I bet it is hurting” and Vector was getting beat up and then but Vector used his arm fist to get Shadow real good and a lot of blood came out of Shadow and tehn Vector got Shadow with a headbutt with his alligator head and then he holded Shadow over him and then brunged Shadow down on him knee and got him real bad and Shadow was thrashed.

Vector threwn Shadow to the side and went to go kill Rogue and while he did this Shadow got out his gun ad shot Vectors legs and Vector couldnt walk and then Shadow went to Vector and punched him in the face reallt hard and Vector feel down and SHADOW started punchin his face until he was almost dead and then but Vector eqas not almost deads and punched Shadow and started powering up with the evil power and Shadow had to power up with the chaos sappires then they went to fight some more and started making thousands of punches and then Shadow went up to the sky with a jump and was in the clouds and then went down to Vector to make a punch but Vector turned into an alligator puncher and went to punch Shadow back and the punches got each other and they was an explosion and they went to the sky both of them and they were in the sky punching each other and getting each other and Shaow grabbed Vectors arms and spunned around like faster then the speed of sound and threw Vector down to the ground and he smashed on top of the groumd.

Vectors whole body got turned into bones and blood and other things and he was dead and Shadow landed next to him and smiled and went to go check on Mighty and Mighty was not dead and they smiled and laughed and went to go talk to Rogeu.

— IIII —

“Bat where is the chaos sappires?” Shadow asked Rogue the bat.

“Why vector was evil?” she asked

“Dont worry about that we need to get the chaos sappires” Mighty told her strongly.

“I have the chaos sapphire finder” she said and Shadow took tiand said “LEts go Mighty” and he turned it on and went to go get where the chaos sapphire finder was and it was in a place.

“We will to to the place” Shadow told Mighty with his voice.

“Whats the place?” Might yasked.

“It is in space. The outer space Mighty we will need a space ship” he told him.

Mighty said “WHAT SPACE OUTER SPACE IMPOSIBLE I NEVER BEEN IN SPACE” and Shadw punched Mighty in the face and said “MIGHTY CALM YOUR CALM WE WILL GET THERE” and Shadow went and went and thoght about it.

“Eggmans base probally has a space ship in it?” Shadow told Mighty.

“LEts go to Eggmans base” Mighty said back to Shadow and Shadow looekd at Mighty and said “obvously stupid” and then they went .

Rogue said “But you are sopposed to share sappires with me” and Shadow just laughd and went and that made rogue really angrey.

They got to the base and found the space ship and Shadow said “i can pilot this” and he did and they went to space and they flew to space.

Mightey said “Wow space it is so big” and Shadow pointed his finger nd showed that aliens were on their own space ship and he said “aliens got the chaos sapphire” and Shadow landed his ship on the alien ship and got out and the aliens saw Shadow and said “aliens look it is shadow” and Shadow said “give me chaos sapphire” and aliens said “no shadow it is ours you die” and a alien took out a alien gun and shot it at Shadow and Shadow had to dodge it ands punch the alien which killed it.

Mighty got out the ship and jumped and punched a aliens head off with a mighty punch and it killed it and then shadow and mighty both started killing a lot of aliens. Shadow shot a gun and it killed like 10 aliens and Mighty threwn a big rock and it smashed like 15 aliens and Shadow said “You can kill more aliens?” and Shadow shot his gun like perfect and killed 20 aliens and Mighty was shocked and said “wow i cant kill that many aliens” and Shadow laughed and kileld some more aliens.

“I hate aliens” Shadow told Mighty and Mighty said “me too they are ass holes” and Shadow killed some more aliens.

They went further into the ship to find the chaos sapphire and saw a a alienr and Shadow said

“Give me the chaos sapphire” and he showed him he had a gun. ALien  said “i am the alien leader and no” and the alien leader turned all big and was tough and Mighty tried to punch it but it didnt work and the alien leader laughed and said “i am over 10000 years old i am the strongest alien ever found?” and Mighty said “Shadow we will never get him dead” and Shadow shot the alien and it didnt work and Shadow said “hes strong”

— V —

Alien leader laughed and said “you will have to make a new trick if you want to get me dead”

Shadow and Mighty looked at eachother and Shadow said “lets do it lets combine our powers” and Might ywas confusd “What” he said back to Shadow and Shadow said

“You have strong Mighty punch and I have the gun and if we are good team up guys we can combine the power and get him dead with a strong move with both guns and punches like a big power move that will kill any man or alien or thing we will call it Shadow Mighty Power Move” and Mighty smiled and said “I get the plan lets do it”

Shadow powered up and Mighty powered up and Mighty went fast and then made a really strog punch and Shadow shot bullet out of the gun really strongly like with a lot of power and the bullet went like right next to Mightys fist and the fist got the punch on the alien real good at the same time as the bullet and they got it perfectly and the alien leader was killed really dead and was destroyed completly and Mighty landed and smiled and Shadow smiled and laughed and they hi fived. “You are good team up guy Mighty” Shadow told Mighty and Mighty said “yea”

Then they went to go open the box that had the chaos sappire in it and they opneed it and it was not had any chaos sappire in it and Shadow said “WHAT” and Might ysaid “ANOTHER PERSON GOT IT?” and Rogue the bat was there and said “i got it first” and Shadow was really mad.


“Give me the chaos sappire bat girl” Shadow told Rouge.

“Sorry it is mine you should of shared” she told back to Shadow and in reaction Shadow got out his gun.

“just becaus we were team up guys in sonic aventure 2 and sonic heroes do not mean i wont kill you” Shadow told here.

Mighty made a fist and showd it to Rogue. “my puncheas can make a lot of blood come out do you want your blood to come out i will do it?”

Rouge said “hahas you are not fast enogh to get me with that fist” and Mighty made a punch bu she was too fast for Mighty and Shadow shot his gun at here but she kickd the bullet.

“Yes this sappire makes me real srong” she tolded Mighty and Shadow.

Shadow got really upset and started yelling and getting ready to go max power and kill Rogue but she jumped on a comet and escaped.

“DAM IT !!!” Shadow screemed loudly. “CValm down Shadow” Mighty asked Shadow and shadow said “how we can kill Darky without the sappires”

Mighty said “we will have to find a way lets find other chaos sappires first then we will get her”

Shadow looked at his gun and then looked at outer space and then looked at the chaos sappire and then looked at where the next chaos sappire was.

“I see now” Shadow told Mighty and then they got back o nthe ship and went back to planet and landed the ship at a place.

“This is my friend Charmys house”

“Charmy bee? We will get that from him” and Shadow went and kicked the door open and went in. “Shadow what are you doing”

“Theres no time to knock” Shadow told him and Mighty said “your right” and Shadow saw Charmy in his house and said “WHERES THE CHAOS SAPPIRES” and Charmy said “it is mine not for you to be having you killed Knuckles and Vector and Espio” and Shadow punched Charmy in the face and he fell down. “I need that to kill badguy” and he took out his gun and put it on Charmys face.

Mighty said “Charmy Shadows a goodguy now” but Charmy stupidly didnt listen and tried to fight Shadow and Shadow took Charmys neck and put him against a wall and said “i wont ask more times where is the chaos sappire” Mighty said “tell him Charmy he is a good guy”

— IIV —

“get out of my home”Charmy told Shadow and Shadow started killin Charmy and Mighty just shaked his head. “Dumb Charmy never listen” and Charmy finally told Shadow “its on that drawer” and Shadow threw Charmy on the ground really hard and went to go oepn the drawer. he got the chaos sappire “sorry I had to do this Charmy you shold of just told me where it was” and Mighty said “ok Shadow lets go to the next one”


Darky had Shadow on the TV and watching what was happening and laughing and looking at it.

“It is not funny do not laugh” Cream told Darky and Darky smiled and said “my ennemy is gathering the chaos sappires that i want. he is practicly my team up guy. now i will send more men to get him dead.”

“Dont do it” Cream told him.

“I will do it?” Darky said. He opened a coffin and in it was Espio and Knuckles with evil red eyes.

“I have made a new trick to bring them back to livings even better. Now they are more smart not like zombies”

Knuckles smiled and looked at Darky and said “cant wait to punch shadow with my fist ahahaha”

Epsio smiled and said “way of ninja teach the idea of a eye for a eye. but in this case he killed me so instead of getting his eye i will get him dead”

“ITs good to be your slave Darky” Knuckles told Darky. “We will takeover the world and be your minyons.” and they all laughd except Cream.

“You will laugh soon after we are married Cream” Darky told to Cream.

“I will only be laughing when Shadow gets you and kills you bacvk and we watch you turn into a dead body” Cream told back to Darky.

Darky screemed really angrey and said “KNUCKLES ESPIO GO KILL SHADOW”

“Yes Darky” they both said and then they walked out of the place to go fight Shadow.

— IIIV —

Some time had happened and it was some days later. Shadow and Mighty were in a ancient unerground place with traps and treasures and things and the chaos sappire was there.

Might was wearing a hat becaus he was a adventurer now and Shadow was not wearing a hat.

Mighty holded the map and said “Shadow the chaos sappire should be around there that hallway” he told Shadow.

Shadow went talking to there and said “it has been some days of searchin but now we’re almost got it” and he made a fist and looked at his fist.

“We will kill Darky” Shadow told his fist and Mighty but he didnt really tell his fist but he was looking at his fist when he said it.

“yea” Mighty said back and then they were going to get the chaos sappire.

They turned a round a corner and then they seen Knuckles standing there in the way standing there.

“Knuckles!” Mighty said to Knuckles. “Good to see you budy” he said when he put his hand on Knuckles and gave him a shoulder pat with the hand.

Knuckles smiled at Mighty and looked real glad and he had evil red eyes still.

“Mighty idot don’t go close to him!” Shadow told Mighty but it was to late because Knuckles punched Mighty real hard and he went and was smashed real hard and got slamed into a wall and the blood dropped out of Mighty.

Shadow went to go help Knuckles but Espio was behin him and he threw a ninja star at him and it got him and Shadow fell.

Espio and Knuckles hi fived and looked at Mighty and Shadow.

“I’m glad we got to hurt them” Espio told Knuckles and Knuckles smiled and said “Next we kill them”

Knuckles took of Mightys hat and put it on his head and started punching Mighty and Shadow watched this.

Espeio said “I put poison on that ninja star Shadow you cant do nothing” and Shadow couldeant move and he said “You ass holles serve Darky because of his power”

Knuckles finished punchin Mighty for a little and he got walking to next to Shadow and he got some chains out and put those chains around Shadow and started punching him.

“Stupid why you killed me?” Knuckles asked Shadow when he punched him.

Shadow said “I dont talk to men who are team up guys with Darky” and Knuckls punched him in the face.

Espio said “Its good to serve Darky he is a good guy” and he got out his ninja sord and said “Stay back Knuckles I will cut of his head”

Shadow had to think of a plan to get out and he got a idea.

“CHAOS CONTROLL” Shadow yelled and he used chaos control and went and teleportalled away and took Mighty and got to another place.

“Mighty they will find us in some seconds” and Mighty standed up and said “I will fight them” and Shadow said “dont be crazy they will get you dead”

“You cant fight Shadow” Mighty said.

Shadow smiled and use chaos control and teleportalled the poison out of his body. “I learned this trick just in case a man will poison me” and he got up and broke the chains off with his muscle.

Espio and Knuckles both walked slowly to back to Shadow and Mighty and Shadow got out his fist and so did Mighty.

“This will be a fight” Shadow told everyone and he ran and got ready to punch Espio.


Espio used a trick and there was 5 Espios and they all started punching Shadow and they got him and then Knuckles threwn Shadow really far and he hit Mighty and they went and went into this big room.

The 5 Espios kept punchig Shadow and Shadow was fighting them back and Mighty was fighting Knuckles and a lot of punches was happening this day.

Shadow did a flip and shot a chaos spear at Knuckles but he punched it back at Shadow and it got him and he fell and then the Espios started punching Shadow a lot and Mighty punched his fist at the Espios and shot a strong power out of his fist and it killed the Espios except for the real Espio and the real Espio went to go start punching Mighty.

Shadow went to go help Mighty but Knuckles grabbed Shadow and threwn him and he fell and he picked up a big rock and put it on top of Shadow and it hurt him.

Espio started punching Mighty and getting him real bad and then Mighty punched Espio in the face and then he did a roller move and rolled to Shadow and punched the rock and Shadow said “thanks friend” and then he went to go fight Knuckles some more.

Knuckls and Shadow punched eachothers fists and Shadow said.

“Working for darky is stupid he will kill the world”

“You kill the world any way” Knuckles  told back to Shadow.

“No Im a good guy now” Shadow told back to Knuckles.

“Well Im a bad guy I work for Darky I have evil red eyes” and that made Shadow mad.

Espio got next to Knuckles and laughed. “Shadow its too late we are not your friends and not Mightys friends”


Shadow said no and he got out his gun and was almost shot Knuckes in the head and Mighty punched Shadows gun out his hand.

“Stupid Mighty!!!” Shadow said to Mighty.

“Don’t shoot them we need to get a way to fix them” and Knuckles punched Mightys blood out and Mighty fell down and was hurting a lot and crying. Espio used a ninja kick on Shadows face and he fell down and was hurting too and Knuckles kicked Shadow in the rib and broke the rib.

“Dont do this” Mighty told Knuckles but Knuckes did it again and Shadow was hurting.

“Hahahaah” Espio said. “Mighty idiot now we will kill him” and Espio went to the gun and Mighty picked it up and put it to Shadows head.

“Pull the triger” Knuckles said and Espio almost pulled it but Mighty kicked the gun out his hand and it went sliding way across the room and Shadow wanted to get it but Knuickles said “Got some last words to say to Knucklles? I will just smash your head like a apple or other fruit.”

Shadow pushed Knuckles away from Shadow and looked at Knuckles in the eye and saw.

His eye was evil and red from Darky’s power still and Shadow could see there was not any good left in his heart or his other organ.

“I kill you today.” Shadow told Knuckles but that just made Knuckles laugh.

“With which power will you get me dead, Shadow?” Knuckles asked Shadow when he showed Shadow his muscles which were huge and Knuckles started powering up with the bad power.

Espio also started powering up and getting stronger and scarier and Shadow and Mighty noticed this and standed next to each other and Shadow said.

“This power is powerful” and Mighty agreed.

“How will we turn them into dead bodies?” Shadow asked. “Got some plan smart guy?”

Mighty said “We must turn them back to normal”

“Not a possible thing we have to kill them Mighty!” Shadow said.

“We are to strong for that one” Knuckles said and his hand turned into the strongest fist ever seen and Shadow was shocked and he looked at the fist. The fist punched Mighty and Mighty was got real bad and a lot of blood came out and Shadow had to bravely run away.

A tier dripped out of Shadows eye when he thought about how they would kill Mighty which they did.

“I will get revengence for you my friend” Shadow said when the tier dripped on the floor and Shadow excaped.

Shadow got far away and he started breathing and saying “Damn those men and Darky why they are so strong?”


Knuckles finished smashing Mighty who was dead and he smiled and laughed.

“Good killing Knuckles” Espio told him.

S”hadow got away?” Knuckles said.

“Not a big problem we got the chaos sappire he will never get it” and Espio had the chaos sappire.


Shadow was real mad and thinking about killing Espio and Knuckles.

“I will need a new trick that can get them dead” and he looked at the 5 chaos sappires he has. “I will need to go maxp ower with these” and thrn he knew who he had to team up with.

He went walking to go find the person he thought about.

— X—


Darky sitted in his king chair and looked down at Espio and Knuckles who was stand sitting on their knees like workers in front of there boss.

Knuckles said “we have done the things you told us to be doing” and he put a chaos sappire in front of him. Darky smiled and said “You got it very nice what do you got for me Espio?” Espio put the dead corpse body of Mighty in front of him and Darky laughed.

“Good job you will get a award for this” and they all smiled. Cream rabbit said “You will not sellebrate for a long time Shadow will get you all dead” And Darky looked at this and thought about it and said. “We will kill Shadow and you will see and he will be our team up guy instead of our enemy” and Cream was shocked.


Shadow said to person he was meeting up with “So will you help me?”

Egg man turned around in his chair and his eyebrows went up and he looked at Shadow and Dr. Robotnik said “why I should help you to work against a bad guy? I am bad also evil genius Dr. Robotnik Egg Man. Will takeover the world and kill every person.” Shadow smiled and said “how can you takeover the world when a man already has taken it over and killed you who is a person?” Egg man saw what Shadow said and said “Your right lets become team up guys for some minutes and then after we are done we will be enemys again”

Shadow smiled and shaked hands with Robonik and then he got a look in his face and his head and said “but this is a problem I only got 5 chaos sappires and I need to kill some very strong men” Dr, Robotnik smiled like him and said “you can go max power with only 5 if you train in the chaos training and get the new trick moves”

“New trick moves?” Shadow said. “Explain how will I get these trick moves?” Eggmen said “Shadow you know the power of chaos control which is really good but not as good as the chaos warper” and Shadow said “Chaos warper? I will learn it”

Egg man said “I have builded a place for chaos training you go into there and it will be like a trainer place for you to work out like a gym but it is not a gym” Shadow said “Get me there right now Robonik” and Eggman pressed the button and a door opened and Shadow went to go in there.

“Be cairfule Shadow it is not a normal place” Eggman warned to Shadow and Shadow went into it.

Shadow got in the place and looked and it was like the space colony ark and Shadow was said “I am in space?” and he looked out the window and it was space and Shadow said “This is not a normal place”

Shadow saw something behind him and he looked and it was Shadow behind himself! Shadow looked at the other Shadow and said “Who you?” and the other Shadow smiled and said “I am a more stronger version of you who will kill you here. My names Shadark the hedgehog and i am not a real person” and Shadark punched Shadow in the face and he fell.

Shadow used chaos controll to go to the back of Shadark but Shadark used chaos warper which is faster and punches Shadow in the face and Shadow fell again and Shadark laughed and looked at Shadow and told him he was stupid.

“You shouldnt of came here Shadow” Shadark told Shadow. “Now check this out it is what happened in the past very dramatic for you to see”

Shadark took Shadows head and turned it and it was just like in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow watched Maris get killed and die and Shadow yelled really upset and Shadark laughed and threwn Shadow to the ground. “Your just a dumb ass Shadow” Shadark told to Shadow. “Should of just been Darkys team up guy its hope less that you will beable to kill him”

— IX —

Shadow yelled really upset and pulled out his gun and shot it at Shadark but he used chaos warper and stopped the bullet and shot it back at Shadows arm and Shadow yelled with blood.

Shadark laughed and said “yea he will marry cream rabbit and get you dead and take over the world it will be a good time for him and you won’t be able to do nothing. Should of just keeped being a bad guy. Shadow i am like your evil side come to livings and talking to you” Shadow got really made and said “NO IAM A GOOD GUY NOW AND I WILL GET ALL THE TRICKS AND MOVES TO KILL DARKY”

Shadark used chaos warper to punch Shadow 1000 times in 1 second and Shadow was almost killed and he fell down and was in blood and had broken bones and things and Shadark went next to him and pulled out a gun and was put it in Shadow’s head face and said “Now I will get you dead”

Shadow smiled and got the chaos sappires and said “I have watched you use the chaos warper now I will try it just like sonic did with chaos control in sonic adventure 2” and Shadow used chaos warper and made a chaos fist punch the gun out of Shadarks hand and Shadow punched Shadark in the leg really hard and he fell and Shadow got up and said “Haha I can see now this move is really good” and he used chaos warper to turn into ULTRA SHADOW.

Shadow was really powerfule now and Shadark got up and went max power with chaos warper and turned into POWER SHADARK and they started fighting.

Shadow made a power punch and went at Shadark with it and Shadark blocked it but it was so strong it got him any way and he went out the window and was in space and Shadow went to go keep fighting him and they went out and was punching and kicking and going around hurting eachother.

Shadow threw Shadark into a comet but he got out his gun and shot the comet destroying it and he used chaos warper to go next to Shadow and Shadow punched Shadow in the face and Shadark grabbed Shadow and threw Shadark up into space and used chaos warper to shoot a chaos lance which is a stronger chaos spear like 1000000x times stronger and Shadow had to use chaos warper to block it with chaos block which is a blocking move that uses chaos.

“These new moves are really strong they can kill Darky” Shadow told Shadow. Shadark smiled and said “Only if you can kill me first” and Shadow pulled out his gun and shot Shadark in the head killing him.

SHADOW came out the door and he was smiling and had a fist in one hand and a gun in the other hand and Dr Eggman Robotnik smiled and said “Good work” and Shadow shot him in the head “Your still evil” Shadow told him and he went walking with his new power to go fight Darky.

And but he saw Rogue bat and she said “Shadow you want this chaos sappire” and she had it. Shadow said “Yea It would be a helper to add to my chaos warper power you give it here” Rogue said “You first must be my team up guy I will be your pardner to replace Mighty who was killed”

Shadow thought about Mighty and how he had to die and looked at Rogue. “You will probally die if you are my team up guy this is okay?” And Rogue said “Yea” and gave shadow chaos sappire.

“Lets go kill Darky as a team and get him dead”


Darky looked at this on TV and saw it and said “NO NO NO NO THIS IS REAL BAD AND NOT GOOD!”

Espio said “Darky our master you should not be upset me and Knuckles will get him”

Knuckles said “Yes we go him easy this new power and team up guy will not be enough and also…..”

Mighty with evil red eyes looked at them and smiled. “Shadow will die for letting me die it is his fault and not your fault that I am dead. We 3 will be the men who kill Shadow”

Darky smiled and said “Go fight him now quickly” and they went fast.


Shadow and Rogue went and used the chaos sappire finder to find where Darky is since he has the last chaos sappire.

“I cant wait to punch out Darkys blood with my fist” and Rogue said “Yea he is real evil” and Shadow smiled and said “Its good to have another pardner even if your not as good as Mighty”

At that momment Shadow turnt and looked and saw Mighty stand there and he had his hat back from Knuckles and he looked at Shadow and said “Hey pardner” and Shadow said nothing he just looked at it.

Knuckles and Espip walked to the sides of Mighty and smiled and said “Look friends its Shadow and Rogue. Brunged us 6 chaos sappires. Shadow thinks he can get us with his new move but he cant”

— IIX —

Mighty looked evil at Shadow and said “Shadow we were team up guys but now enemies. You look sad and are frowning. How do you feel?”

Shadow didn’t answer and just made some fists and looked at the enemies. Rogue said “Shadow you can kill them?”

Shadow looked a Mighty “You was the best team up guy I had. Better than any other. We killed aliens and now Dary has tooken you away from me and made you his man.”

Knuckles smiled and said “Comeon lets kill Shadow” Espio laughed and went to go punch Shadow but Shadow used chaos warper and moved real fast.

Espio laughed and said “You run away but that didnt help you” then he was shocked buy what he seen. Shadow had used chaos warper to go real fast and he took Knuckles’ss head off of Knickles body and was holding it and Knuckles was dead.

Espio saw this and saw it and said “What that is not possible how can you be this stronger?” Shadow smiled and kicked Knuckles head like a ball really far away and looked a Espio. Espio taked Rogue hostage and said “Dont move or ill kill” and Shadow used chaos warper and took away Espios ninja knife and said “Kill here with what?” and then he used chaos warper again and cut off espios body and he fell down and was dying.

“I’m the ultimate life   form the strongest thing ever found. You can’t forget this I can kill any thing or man.”

Mighty watched all this and walked and had a smile. “Good job Shadow” he said when he was clapping like a jerk. “You got those weeklings dead. But chaos warper is not good enough to get me. I got the max power of Darky and now look!”

Mighty used a real powerfule move and made the fastest punch with fire and energy on it and went zooming at Shadow. Rogue jupped in the way of the punch and got exploded and Shadow saw this and said “no” sadly when Rogue was killed.

Mighty looked a Shadow and said “Oh the bat got in the way you would of died other wise.” Shadow looked at the dust ashes of Rogue who was dead and got sad and said “You sacrefieced your life to help me kill Mighty. I wont forget what you done here. Thank you Rogue the bad” and then Mighty said “Mighty taught me the power warper it is like chaos warper but strong istead of fast”

AShadow just said “Mighy no more talkings.” and he used chaos warper to shot a chaos lance at Mighty but Mighty used power warper to make his fist really big and red to punch the chaos lance which stopped it. Shadow didnt stop but used chaos warper to go next to Mighty real fast and started punching him and the punches was getting him and smakcing him and Mighty used power warper to make a sheild and Shadow couldnt punch it.

Mighty punches Shadow back really hard and it got him and he went flying 10 miles and Mighty went after him and made a strong kick but Shadow punched the kick and then punched Mighty up to the sky and shadow used chaos warper to go after him and theuy fought in the sky.

Shadow shot some chaos blasts at Mighty and started teleportalling around and shotting them from 360 degrees around Mighty but Mighty was really strong and fast and punched all of them and then he looked a Shadow “We are evenly matched how do you think about that?”

Shadow got made and flew to Mighty and made a strong punch kick but Mighty punch kicked it back and his is stronger than Shadows and it hurt his arm really bad and then Mighty used power warper to turn his arm into a wrecking ball and he swunged it at Shadow and it got him and smashed him and he flew down back way to the ground and Shadow had to use the ground to break his fall and he looked a Mighty in the sky who was charging up a giant Mighty Blast and then Shadow started charging a chaos lance but Mighty threw the mighty blast to fast and Shadow got hit and it made a giantiffic crater and Shadow was at the bottom of it hurting badly and Mighty landed next to Shadow and pulled him out the ground and started chocking him.

“Rebeber when you chocked me like this?” Mighty  asked to Shadow and Shadow said “dont swell on the paste stupid” and he used chaos warper to open Mightys hand and then he kicked Mighty really hard and got him and he wasnt hurt.

“This is not a possible thing” Shadow told himself when he looked at Mightys body where he kicked him which was barely hurt. “Darkys power is the strongest thing I ever seen. Even he figured out how to defeat chaos warper”

That made Mighty get a smile on his mouth and he used power warper to add power to his fist. He taked off his hat and used power warper on it to turn it into a sharp frisbee hat and he trew it at Shadow and he had to dodge it and Shadow went to go punch Mighty but the hat came back like a boomerang and it got Shadow in the back and it got him real bad and a lot of blood came out and Mighty punched Shadow in the ground so he could bleed on the ground instead of standing and there was a pool of blood next to Shadow which was Shadow’s blood.

Mighty standed next to Shadow and got there by walking next to him. He put his hat back on and was about to kill Shadow. Shadow looked at Mighty and got a idea.

— IIIX —

“What if I combine the power of my gun with the chaos warper?” Shadow said. He got out his gun and used chaos warper to shoot out a bullet and he also pulled the trigger and the bullet came out of the gun so fast that no man could dodge it and it got Mighty in the head and the bullet broke thrugh Mightys skull and went through his head and out the back of his head and a gallon o blood came out and Mighty fell down and since he was shot in the head he was dying.

Shadow standed up and put bandages on his cut and looked a Mighty. “He was truely the strongest team up guy. Darky will pay for what has happened here today” Shadow got a shovel and buried Mighty and Espio and Knuckles all in the same grave and some teers dripped out of his eyes after he finished.

Shadow felt something behind him and he was shocked and he looked and it was Darky.

“I will pay? Hahaha how much will it cost? 5 dollars?” Darky said with a joking talking voice. Shadow went to go punch Darky but it was a hologram and it didnt work.

“Stupid dumb  ass Shadow it iw a hologram you cannot punch me. Listen Shadow you are on your last chance to become a joiner and work with me. Bring me chaos sappires and you will be awarded for your hardwork.”

Shadow thought about this and said “Sorry Darky but your not going to get away with this. I will get you dead and get Cream rabit sound and safe from you. I’m a goodguy now and you dont forget that”

Darky got made and said “I will wait you at my base Shadow. You will see who is killed it will be you and not me.” Shadow got a smile and said “Your words is not scaring me pal. You only use evil red eye team up guys you are a true coward”

Darky just laughd and the hologram disapearead. Shadow looked at his gun and said “I will shoot him”


Shadow got on his motorcucle and went driving to the base of Darky.

“Determenation of the strong” Shadow said to himself “When theres nothing left to loose… you win” Shadow also said when he sped up in his motorcycle.

Suddanly when Shadow was going really fast for a miles on his motorcycle suddenly there was Vector in front of his motorcycle.

Shadow ran over Vector since hes in the way and kept going but Vecotr grabbed onto the back of the motorcycle and Shadow saw this in the back mirror and had to start punching Vector to get him off but Vectr wouldnt let go.

“Get of my motorcycle Fector idiot” Shadow told him but he had evil red eyes and Shadow saw this. Shadow did a cool turn move and the motorylcle flipped and Vector went flying off and went into the ground so hard that he got kileld and turned into grinded alligator completely destroyed and Shadow landed his motorcycle and got driving really fast.

Shadow then seen next to him running was Sonic with evil red eyes. “Sonis the name killings my game” Sonic said when he spinballed Shadow and Shadow had to drive the motorcycle out of the way. “Its not time to play games” Shadow said. “The playing time is over!” Shadow also yelled when he got out his gun and started shooting it at Sonic while still driving the motorcycle.

Sonic was jumping and moving and not getting shot like Shadow wanted. Shadow aimed for Sonics legs and he shot off one of Sonics legs with a bullet but Sonic started just jumping really quickly on one leg and going still real fast. Shadow saw this and was shocked and he used chaos warper to boost his motorcycle and smash Sonic with it and he got hit and his body got busted and he feel down and couldnt jump or run and Shadow kept going to go kill Darky.

“These men will never slow me down they only slowed me down by 1 minute Darky” and he knew Darky could here this.


Darky watched his TV with Shadow on it. “…” he said whch means he didnt say nothing.

“Haha got no more laughs now Darky?” Cream asked him.

Darky made a fist from his hand and put dark power on it and it turned blacker than pure darkness which is really black and dark. “I got a new move that can get Shadow dead. He has the chaos warper but i have the death warper”

Cream looked supprised and Darky said “You know what the turth is? Shadow is the ultimate life form it is true. Btu you know why ican defeat him?”

Cream did not know and so Darky tolded her the answer. “I am not a living man I am a vampire ghost man. So ultimate life wil lbe killed by a powerful death man” Darky standed up and put on a cape which means hes ready to fight.

“But before he will fight me…” Darky used his magical dark death powers to bring the dead bodys of Vector Sonic Rogue Tails Charmy Mighty Espio and Knucles. The bodys was thrashed and Darky started moving them around in like a black tornado thing and comboning them and adding dark power. He put different arms and legs and organs from diffrent people and differeant things all over and then he put a chaos sappire in next to the heart to add more power to it.

Cream looked scared and he saw Darky had builded a monster from all the friends.

It had face of Sonci but the eyes of Espio for seeing real good and four arms a strong arm of Mighty and a strong arm of Knuckles and a strong arm of Vector and a medium arm of Sonil that can punch really quick. Also he had Tailss tails for flying and doing things. He had a leg of Sonic for running fast and a leg of rogue for kicking hard. Also he had a third leg of Mighty for backup incase a leg got shot off. He had the body of Mighty mixed with the body of Knuckles which makes it really tough and punching in the chest won’t work. He had Mightys stinger and Espios horn thing and Vectors teeth and he was smiling like a crocodile alligator.

Darky threwn all the extra body prats in the trash can and looked at his creatoin. “I will name it after the mithologicial creatuere the Kimara” and Kimara looked at Darky and smiled and made some fists and was ready to fight Shadow. “I have the parts of all of Shadows friends I will kill him with their comboned power” and he went.

— VX —

Shadow had to stop his motorcycle when he saw Kimara on the way in front of him and he got his eyes looking at him and he was upset.

“What did Darky create here?” Shadow asked while he looked at the moster. “Have created a thing that can kill you Shadow” Kimara said back. “God all the best parts from your freinds but i am not your freind i am a ass whole who will kill you”

Shadow just looked at it and saw all the body parts. He started making a plan for killing him which involved shooting off body parts to weakin him and he thought of this plan but then Kimara started flying with Tailss tails and going really high into the air and Shadow was confused.

Kimara started throwing espios ninja stars which he had because he has espios horn and Shadow had to dodge those and start flying after Kimara with chaos warper and then they started fighting in the air sky and since Kimara has more arms he punched Shadow a lot and it was beating him up and getting him hurt real bad.

Kimara used Vectors fist to punch Shadow in Shadow’s face and it made a lot of pain happen to Shadow which harmed him phyisically and then he kicked him with Rogues leg which got him and broke some bones and he went spining and falling to the ground and hit the ground really hard and was thrashed and almost dead.

Shaodw looked at kimara and said a thought to himself “he is stronger than if they all fighted me at the same time this is in sane crazy i have to power up to get him dead” and he took out the chaos sappires and turnt into OMEGA SHADOW with chaos warper and looked at Kimara. Kimara smiled like Vector since he has his teeth “Now your ready for a real fight?” and Shadow didnt say back to him he just fought him since he was real serious now and that is how you fight for real.

Shadow used chaos warper and went to punch Kimara but Kimara used power warper to block it. “What wrong pal didnt expect me to have the brain of Mighty?” Kimara asked when he took out Mightys hat and put it on his head. “yea i remember when we was team up guys good times but now i am a moster guy who will get you dead” and he used chaos warper to add power to Mightys leg and he kicked Shadow with it and it got him really hard and hurt him bad even though he is omega shadow!!!

Shadow recuvered and used chaos warper to punch Kimara in the face and it got him but Kimara looked at Shadows fist after and smiled and said “that hurt but this will hurt more” and he grabbed Shadow with all 4 of his arms and started crunching him with so much power and Shadow had to try to stop it but it wasnt owrking since kimara has so many arms.

— IVX —

Shadow punched Kimara in the face which made his arms come off of Shadows body which caused Shadow to be let go of by Kimara.

Kimara smiled at Shadow and said “Nice puncher fist you got there. Almost caused me some harting.” and he had no blood come out from the puunch. Kimara flewed upwards up to the higher in the air and started flying around and looking at Shadow.

Shadow noticed this and took this opperteunity to get out his gun and shoot the gun at Kimara but Kimara did not get shot. Kimara shooted his teeths out like missils just like Dector can and Shadow had t oblock it with his arms and the tooth went like knife sharp point cutters and got into Shadows arm and went into his arm like deep where all the blood is and the blood started coming out like bleeding style.

Shadow yelled with hurting and pulled the teeths out and got a idea. “These teeths are like bulets” and he loaded his gun up with the teeth. Kimara grew new teeth which he can obvously do since he is a monster person and he went and came down and punched Shadow in the face and he fell and then Kimara went back up in the air.

“Stop flying coqard” Shadow told him but he ignored him like rudely and Shadow had to also fly with chaos warper and go to the air to fight him some more. He teleported to nexrt to Kimara with chaos warper and shot the gun out of the gun and the tooth fired from the barrel of the gun from when he pulled tjhe trigger and the tooth came shooting out like a bullet tooth and it got Kimara in the leg and it destroyed Sonics leg and then he had to move Mightys leg to that spot to replace it and Shadow smiled and said “I got a plan I will use gun to shot off each body part until he has none left”

Kimara saw this plan and looked at the plan and used his strong arms to punch Shadow a lot of times and then he grabbd Shadows neck and said “Its fun chocking you you asswhole stupid” and Shadow told him “idiot this will never work now you are inrange of my gun” and he shot off the arm which is Knuckles arm and Kimara was not happy about this and a lot of blood was shooting out ad Kimara was making pain and hurting noises and then he went back and moved a arm over to replace it and he saw the plan some more and figured out his plan and said “Your plan is not a plan. I will kuill you before you can finish the plan” and he shot like a sharp thing out which cut Shadows arm of and Shadow saw the arm fall off and he looked at the arm on the ground and he was upset.

Kimar a moved the hat on his head a little and smiled at Shadow. “A taste of your own drugs” and Shadow had to run becaus he cant win with only one arm. “I have to get a robo arm to replace this arm and then i will kill him”

—IIVX: The Robotical Arm —

Shadow went skating running fastly to go to find a robo arm to replace his harm that what had got cut off by Kimara some minutes ago. A lot of blood was dripping out from where Shadows arm got cut off so Shadow while still runing got some bandadges and put those around his arm which made bleeding stop and a tear dripepd out of his eyes when he thought about what Darky done to him and he thought “too bad there not any bandadges to stop the tears” he thought poeticcly.

Kimara smiled and watched shadow run and followed him slowly and was chasing himbut not that face so that put him on a timelimit to find the robo arm.

Shadow jumped and went and he got to the place where a new character was his name was Lawndo the Arms Man. Lawndo was a man with a big nice face and he is smart so he has glases because he makes stuff. His arms are robotical which is part of his back story which is that he was born with no arms ned he had to invent how to make robo arms so he could have robo arms so he could have normal life so now he has robo arms which is good and now he his happy.  His hairs shapped like a nerds hair but slightly better and he has a scar on his face also from his backstory because he got cut becuas he had no arms and he doesnt like the scar and it makes him angry if you say something about he scar. He wears a mechanic lab coat and enjineir pants and he has a gun just incase. He is big and strongish and his name is Lawndo.

“Lawndo” shadow said when he revealed he knows about LAwndo becaus e he saw him in the newspaper.

Lawndo look a shadow and notice he has a arm cut off and he smiled and said “looks like I got me a new customer” Shadow angry punched Lanwdo down on the ground and made blood came of him. “I got no time to be a customer you make me a arm right now” and Lawndo was actulyl almost dead from the punch since Shadow blood fill with adrennelen from the fight and also eh angry and scared and cannot controll his strength.  Lawndo tried reach for his gun but Shadow stepped in his arm which stopped him.

“NOT PLAY GAMES LAWNDO” Shado said “no time quickly get the arm!!!” Lawndo said “Yes shadow” and he went and he started quickly buildin a arm with the right size for Shadow. “Do it More faster” Shadow told him while looking out window nerviously for Kimara and Lawndo said “whats happening” and Shadow said “BAD guy,” and Lawndo nodded and understanded that what was happening. Kimara blew wall open with some winds and a big peace of wood almost got Lawndo but Shadow catched it and threw it back at Kimara and got him.

“I need five minutes to make the arm Shadow” Lawndo said to Shadow and Shadow looked and was readsy to fight. “I also will also put a secret weapon on it Shadow onw that will shock and stun him by suprise” Lawndo said to Shadow and that made Shadow get a smile “Of course he is a monster zombie thing he will be weak to electrecity”

—IIIVX Shadow Fights Kimara Some More —

Shadow jumped and went to the out   side and was fighting Kimara while waiting for his arm. It is very hard to fight with only one arm and Shadow has to be careful not to also lose his other arm. Kimara flewed around with Tails’s tails and was trying to kill Shadow. He punched with Knuckles arm and Shadow had to block it but it didnt work and Shadow got smashed. It was only 30 seconds and Shadow already thrashed bad. “Lawndo hurry i cant get him with only one arm” and Kimara laughed.

“I should kill the arm maker and ruin your hopes Shadoow” Kimara said when he started to go inside Lawndos lab factory house to kill Lawndo. Shadow yelled angeryly “You wont take away Lawndo” he said to Kimara and he powered up and went to go do a flip punch which Kimara blocked easily and punched Shadow with Vectors arm and broke every rib in his ribs. Then he grabbed Shadows neck with Sonics arm really fast since Sonics arm is fast and threw Shadow away and Shadow landed on a car that was driving by and the car exploded and the person in the car was killed but Shadow was not killed.

Kimara turned and went back to go kill Lawndo and it had now been 2 minutes that happened and Lawndo trying to build the arm quick for Shadow and he had his tools and he was sweaty trying to make it.

Shadow chaos warpered in front of him and he charged up a really good punch and got him with it and got him out of the place and Shadow jumped and went after him and he said “You’ll never hurt my friend Lawndo Kimara” and nobody ever seen Shadow fight this hard before. He looked Kimara in the eyes and saw Mightys soul in there and he goot really determined and looked at him and said “Mighty I know your in there you dont have to do this” Kimara looked and he looked at the sky and thought about this for some seconds. “Actually i have to do do this and i want also to do this and check out this punch” and he took of his hat and dusted it of and then put it back on and then punched Shadow really hard with Mighty’s leg which compeltely smashed Shadow and like every bone in his body got crunched and Shadow was like bleeding like crazy and he spunned around and landed down really hard on the ground where there was cracks now from how hard he got kicked which was just crazy.

Shadow was looking blurry and he looked at Kimara and Kimara was smiling like a alligator at Shadow but shadow could hardly see it. “I’m good guy now I’m nice” Shadow said and it was true. Shadow powered up and used chaos warper to heal him self and he stand up and was going to fight some more. But Lawndo came out and put the robo arm on Shadow and Shadow said “perfect timing” and now he got out his gun and went max power and became SUPREME WARPED SHADOW and put max power on his gun and he fired the gun and the gun went so fast it went right through Kimaras head and destroyed his head and got him dead. Kimara broke apart and all the body parts fell on the ground and was in ash. Shadow fell to his knee and looked at his hands and said “its finally over”

He took a picture out which was a picture of him and Cream together in the picture and he thoght about Darky aand thought about punching Darky and shooting Darky and killing Darky and he started getting really mad and sad and said “Darky you done al ot of bad stuff to me I’l do bad stuff to you” and Lawndo said “I’ll join you”

—IVVX The Climatic Showoff—

“Good I need a team up guy to replace Mighty rest in peace” Shadow said to Lawndpo. “Sorry for your losed” Lawndo said to Shadow and Shadow looked and he was ready to go kill Darky.

“We fight Darky he is a badguy” Lawndo looked serious and thought about his back story “I have had to fight bad guys and bullys since I was born without arms which is why I have a gun. Bullys would make a joke of me call me no arm boy push me and throw thing at me and say catch and it made me cry and sad and angry and thats why I builded my arms so I could punch and kill them all which I did later”

“Darky can bring dead back to living to be carefule” Shadow said while he loaded his gun up with bullets. “Damn I’m only got 6 bullets left I will have to use these carfully” He looked and it was getting late and thats when Darky showed up.

Darky walked to Shadow and he was looking real scary and angrey and said “My greatest creation you have kill it?” and Shadow got a smile and said “Thats right Darky boy next I kill you” and Darky started powering up with this black dark power. Shadow and Darky started punching each other really face and Lawndo was watching this and he tryed to help but he got punched which alomsot killed him and he landed in blood and couldnt help.

Shadow kicked Darky in the head with chaos warper and got him and Darkys skull smashed and Darky fell. “That was easy I got him dead” Shadow said when he started walking away. “No look out” Lawndo said and Darky fixed his head and shot his arm out like a knife and his arm was a knife also and the arm almost his Shadow but Shadow went around really cool and punched it and looked at darky and said “Should have stayed kicked Darky now I will get you some real pain” and he chaos warpered and got right infront of Darky and started doing a lot of punches and getting him real good and he was about to punch him in the dick for payback but Darky said “hold it shadow” and smiled and Shadow stopped and looked at Darky and then he looked and seen Cream Rabbit hostage and some skeletins were holding here and Darky laughed. “punch me again and the skeletins will get her dead” and Shadow looked really sad and put his fist down and got on his knees and started crying. “Dont kill her Darky” adnd darrky laughed and said “Dont worry Shadow after you are dead she will live as my wife ahahaha” and Shadow said “I give up Darky” and but Lawndo started talking “Dont do it Shadow you can stop him” but a skeletin stabbed Lawndo with a big bone and got him in the lungs and made him not able to talk.

“Kill my Darky hurry up” Shadow said to Darky. Darky said “Sure thing friend” and he got out this sword which was really black and it had blood dripping on it and had a upside down cross and a pentadram and it had a pelvis bone on it. “This my evil sword I will poke you heart with it and you will dead and be my parmanent minion” Shadow just sat cried and was ready to get killed. But!! Cream Rabbit yelled at Shadow “Shadow dont give up” and Shadow opent his eyes and used chaos warper and killed the skeletins next to Cream and throw some bones at Darky which he cut with the sword.

“time to finish this Darky” Shadow said powerin up real cool. He turned to GIGA SUPREME POWER SHADOW which looks real cool it looks shiny has red power on it and shadow is red and black but now more red then black and he has more muscle and looks ready to start punching.

But the next thing what that happened shocked everyone especially Lawndo. Darky transformed also into his power form using chaos sappire. He got 2 foots taller and his eyebrows turned to bones and his legs had sharps on them that looked real deadly and he now had a jacket on which was black and made of dead. On him chest now was a big red symbol of shadow’s head but his head was a skull represeienting Shadow getting killed soon. Darkys left arm now had some chains on it nad his right arm had some bones on it and he was holding his sword which now was really big and had a lot of blood dripping on it. “See my power I am Heavey Metel Darky now” and Shadow looked shocked and was looking at this new form. “Perfectly designed for killing Shadow” Darky told Shadow and he swinged his sword at Shadow which Shadow dodged and got away from.

“This power is really powerful” Shadow said still looking at it and scared of it. But he looked a Cream the rabbit and looked at Lawndo and remembered he had things to fight and to care about and remembered he wanted to kill Darky. Shadow speeded up and went and started punching Darky which worked. The punched got him and Darky couldnt hit Shadow with his sword and he cut Shadow with the sword which made a lot of blood came out but Shadow didnt care and he punched Darkys head really hard and smashd it like a pumpkin and but Darky cut Shadw again and made him fall. Darkys head came back but now it had extra bones.

Shadow started shooting his gun at Darky and got him good and shot him right through the heart first try and also got him through both his lungs both his kidneys as well as his liver and his brain and his large intestine and his small intestine and even his pancreas basiclly all his organs he got shot in. Shadow also shot some more times to break both his arms and legs and spine so he cant walk more. Darky fell and was bleeding a lot from getting shot in all these organs.

Shadow went realyl fast and he went to make a bunch and Cream jumped and also made a punch and it got darky really good and took off his body and now he was just a head. Shadow holded he head and Darky was making black dark evil tears and saying “please dont kill me Shadow I’m sorry for what I had did” and Shadow said “Bring my friends all back to living” and Darky did and everyone Sonic Tails Knuckles Espio Vector Charmy and even Mighty was brunged back to livings and all on the ground sleeping and Shadow smiled and was almost going to stomp on Darkys head to finish him but Darky just did this to get time for his actualle plan and a new body came and got the sword and cut Shadow and got him real bad and practicly kileld him and Lawndo was really upset.

Darky put his head back on and laughed but Shadow looked at Cream and said “Im sorry I couldnt do it” and he closed his eyes and Darky standed and got his sword and was going to poke Shadows heart with it but shadow got a Idea. and he jumped and grabbed Darky and flew to space and they were fighting in space and Shadow through darky into a meteor and got him hurt and thrashd and Darky threw a rock at Shadow which got him but he didnt care and the took Darky and throwed him into the sun and Darky said “Noooo” and burnt up into ash dust and was dead. But shadow was out of power and blood and he started falling to earth like at the end of Sonic Adventure 2 but Mighty turned to Super Mighty and caught Shadow and landed him down back on the ground but it was too much force and Mighty broke both his legs and could never walk again and Shadow he went to Cream and put his lips on her lips and this was a kiss and they loved each other and was going to get married and celebrate the death of Darky”

It was a happy funeral wedding combo with a coffin and Shadow was in a tuxedo cream in wedding dress and they kissed infront of coffin and Knuckles was the priest and he said “By power of Master Emerald I pronounce youman and wife” and Shadow and Cream kissed and then Shadow blew up the coffin with chaos blast and every one cheered and Mighty was almost the best man but he has to be in a wheel chair now so LAwndo is instead and Shadow put a ring on Crams finger which had a piece of the master sapphre on it.

There was a happy time but a new bad guy was somewhere and making a plan to get Shadow dead….

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